Guest blog: Laura Zucker on Ten Years of Arts for All in Los Angeles County


Laura Zucker blogs about how Arts for All stays ahead of the curve.



This post originally appeared on Americans for the Arts's ARTSblog on August 10, 2012.  We thank Americans for the Arts for allowing us to repost it for our readers in Los Angeles County.

Arts & Business in a Rural Community

Lauri Sturdivant, Executive Director of Siskiyou Arts Council





Guest blogger Lauri Sturdivant describes how a rural California county developed a successful arts & business partnership.





The People in Your Neighborhood

Cindy Marie Jenkins




Cindy Marie Jenkins blogs on how artists, arts organizations and neighborhood councils are working together to impact communities.





Making the Arts Personal

 Sandy Seufert, blogger for Arts for LA



Sandy Seufert, Manager of Curriculum and Teaching Artist Development for The Music Center, blogs on the importance of continuing to practice your art.





Title I Funding and Arts Education

Stephanie Kistner blogs for Arts for LA




Why We Should (and can!) Advocate for Title I Funds to Support Arts Education in Public Schools

by Stephanie Kistner, Education & Programs Assistant at PS Arts




Guest Blog: "Super Committee" Member Congressman Becerra and the Arts

Ben Donenberg



Ben Donenberg, Founder and Executive Artistic Director of The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, attended an informal event with Congressman Xavier Becerra, who sits on the influential "Super Committee," the Joint Selection Committee on Deficit Reduction. Donenberg took the opportunity to ask about Becerra's commitment to arts and culture. 

The Civic Engagement Strategy

Kenton Haleem, Executive Director of Burbank Arts for All: An Education Foundation



Voter Registration for Arts Organizations

Marcy Koukhab Kaplan of California Participation Project


Leading the Charge: Voter Registration for Nonprofits

Marcy Koukhab Kaplan of the California Participation Project blogs on how nonprofits can promote civic engagement in their communities



Artists and Uncertainty

Laura Zucker, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, blogs for Arts for LA



It Takes a Village

Jay McAdams, 24th St. Theatre



Jay McAdams on why he recently provided public testimony at City Hall in support of the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.