Observations of an Artist: The Creative Economy is Beneficial for Everyone!

                A new support system developed for my pursuits in the arts after I obtained my bachelors.  The small businesses where I had frequented begun to allow me to publicly display and sell my paintings.  The amazing part was that my painting sold!  Local residents identified with t

2011 Otis Report: The Creative Economy is Powerful

2011 Otis Report: The Creative Economy is Powerful

Thu, 11/10/2011 (All day)

Samuel Hoi, Otis CollegeAt the November 9th presentation of the 2011 Otis Report of the Creative Economy, the message was clear: the creative economy has a major impact throughout Southern California, and the area is uniquely positioned to continue to build on its wealth of local talent, reputation for innovation and open attitudes toward new ideas.  The annual Report on the Creative Economy puts real numbers to creativity in Los Angeles an

How Data Supports Advocacy

Danielle Brazell, Executive Director of Arts for LA



Executive Director Danielle Brazell blogged for Otis College of Art & Design's Creative Economy Report.

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