CCF Fellowship for Visual Arts

California Community Foundation (CCF)

Los Angeles, CA

The California Community Foundation (CCF) awards one-year fellowships to outstanding Los Angeles
County-based visual artists through the Fellowship for Visual Artists.

The Fellowships for Visual Artists is a unique opportunity for artists because it is an investment in the
artist’s career, rather than singular project. Artists are chosen by a panel of art professionals based on
artistic merit and commitment to Los Angeles County. Receiving a fellowship is more than just a check.

CCF Fellows receive:

 $25,000 one-year unrestricted grant
 Collaborative Artists’ Retreat
 Opportunities to develop business skills to achieve financial independence
 Membership to a community of prestigious artists in the region

Learn more about the CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists through our online Artists’ Gallery.
The application period for the Fellowship for Visual Artists is now open. Applications will be
accepted June 29 th  through August 31 st . Please visit and review all the
information about the process before beginning your application.


Qualified applicants:

 Must be working in the visual arts (e.g., painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture,
installation, experimental film and video, interdisciplinary/mixed media or performance art in
which visual art must be a significant and integral component)
 Artists whose primary practice is performing or media arts (e.g., music, dance, acting, film,
video, or moving animation) are not eligible
 Must be a visual artist with at least five (5) years or more of active professional experience in
their field. Artists must have documented exhibition history, publications or other significant
proof of professional accomplishments including documented professional work or exhibition
history in Los Angeles County
 Must be a full-time resident of Los Angeles County for at least the last five (5) consecutive years
prior to the application deadline. A full-time resident is defined as being physically present in Los
Angeles County 9 months per year of residency
 Must be at least 25 years old in age

Not Eligible:

 Individuals that are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program
 Individuals who live outside of LA County
 Individual artists whose submitted resumes do not adequately demonstrate the required 5 years
of professional experience
 Individuals who have previously received a CCF Fellowship​
 California Community Foundation employees and their immediate family members

Applications will be accepted online via only. The deadline to apply is
Friday, August 31, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. PST.

Questions? Please email [email protected] 

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