Charles Flowers

Charles Flowers graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vanderbilt University and received his MFA in Poetry from the University of Oregon. His poems have appeared in Gulf Coast, Barrow Street, Indiana Review, and Puerto del Sol. Flowers is the founding editor of BLOOM, a journal for lesbian and gay writing Edmund White called “the most exciting new queer literary publication to emerge in years." He served as Associate Director of the Academy of American Poets, Executive Director of the Lambda Literary Foundation, and, most recently, as Deputy Development Director at the ACLU of the Southern California. After twenty years in Tennessee and twenty years in New York, Charles now calls Los Angeles home, with his husband and two dogs.

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    Thank you for purchasing a ticket to the Arts Access Datathon on Saturday, April 22. Information about parking and any final instructions will be sent the week before the event. Complete details at Arts Access Datathon. Be sure to bring your laptop to the datathon!

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    The datathon begins at 9 am, and doors will open at 8 am for a continental breakfast. 

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  • Arts Access Datathon - Tickets

    Register now to join us at the Arts Access Datathon! Tickets are on a sliding scale. Choose the category that’s right for you:

    Students and Artists $10

    Students in high school, college or graduate school are welcome, and artists of all disciplines.

    Early Career $20

    “Early career” means anyone with about ten years or less professional experience

    Professional $40

    Anyone with more than ten years professional experience not working in an executive-level position

    Executive $80

    Anyone with senior managerial responsibility

    No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you are unable to afford any of these options, please contact us at [email protected]

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  • published What You Can Do Right Now in Newsroom 2017-02-13 13:38:45 -0800

    What You Can Do Right Now

    We woke this morning to the confirmation that President Trump’s budget proposal calls for the elimination of a number of programs and agencies, including the National Endowment for the Arts.

    While disappointing, this is not a surprise, and many of our advocacy friends are prepared with actions we can take starting today. 

    Also, now that we know we are fighting to save and protect the endowments, it is important to remember that today is the beginning of a much longer appropriations process, and Arts for LA is committed to keeping you informed with updates and actions to take as they happen.

    Actions You Can Take Today

    Americans for the Arts is leading the national response to #SaveTheNEA, starting with a customizable letter to your representatives.

    1) Go to Americans for the Arts's Action Center and send a customizable message to your elected representatives in Congress and urge them to oppose the Administration's attempt to eliminate funding to the NEA.

    2) CA Delegates are hand delivering a letter of support with signatures from our state advocates on Tuesday, March 21. We have 270 signatures so far. If you have not already signed, please consider adding your name today.

    3) If you lead an arts organization, join Ovation’s #StandfortheArts, a national campaign to raise awareness, protect access and encourage action on behalf of the arts and culture.

    4) This is a national movement, so with every action you take, please share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Include any of the following hashtags: #ArtsVote, #SaveTheNEA, #StandfortheArts and tag your elected officials.

    Finally, the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies provides this reminder about fiscal years: "Recall that state Partnership Agreement funds from the NEA are typically committed in March and used in the following state fiscal year. So today's proposal to eliminate the NEA in federal FY2018 would affect most states' FY2019 activities."

    As always, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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  • Previous Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys

    In our commitment to foster respectful, nonpartisan dialogue about issues relating to arts and culture, Arts for LA conducts Arts and Culture Candidate Surveys of all candidates seeking office in any of LA County’s 88 cities and 81 school districts.

    Learn more



    In our commitment to foster respectful, nonpartisan dialogue about issues relating to arts and culture, Arts for LA conducts Arts and Culture Candidate Surveys of all candidates seeking office in any of LA County’s 88 cities and 81 school districts.

    While Arts for LA does not endorse any candidate for office, our simple 4-question survey connects voters and candidates to arts and culture issues that are relevant to all who call Los Angeles a home.

    Each election season, we also do our best to partner with local organizations and individuals who are committed to help us reach candidates in their city or school district by emailing or calling candidates about the importance of our surveys. Please let us know if you’d like to volunteer your time in securing these surveys.

    Fall 2017 Surveys

    For the November 7 ballots, Arts for LA is surveying candidates in the following elections:

    School Board Elections

    Municipal Elections

    Recent Surveys Released

    View Arts & Culture Candidate Survey Responses from previous election cycles: 


    Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys FAQ 

    Jump to a question:

    What is the Arts & Culture Candidate Survey?

    The Arts & Culture Candidate Survey is an opportunity for candidates as well as constituents an opportunity to start a dialogue on the role of arts and culture in communities across the region.  It consists of four or five short-answer questions candidates running for city council, mayor, or board of education are invited to complete. 

    What are the goals of the Arts & Culture Candidate Survey?

    The goal of the Arts & Culture Candidate survey is to start a dialogue between candidates and stakeholders. We strive to foster respectful, nonpartisan dialogue about issues relating to arts and culture in schools and communities. For more information, please read about our mission and values.

    What is the timeline for the Candidate Survey?

    Arts for LA gathers election and candidate information three months prior to any election from the LA County Clerk’s office or local the local city clerk. From this, we generate a list of all races and candidate contact information. A couple months prior the election, we email the survey to all candidates; we make follow up calls to the candidate’s campaign within 2-3 days. A follow up email and call are also made two weeks after the initial email. We strive to post survey results a month prior to the election, announced through social media, press releases, and news stories on our web site.

    Does Arts for LA endorse candidates?

    No. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Arts for LA does not endorse any single candidate or slate of candidates seeking public office. Like all community-based nonprofit organizations, we are invested in fostering the highest voter turnout rates possible, which we encourage through voter information programs like this one.

    How does Arts for LA remain nonpartisan?

    Arts for LA’s goal is to have 100% participation in the Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys from all candidates running for office. We make concerted efforts to contact all candidates and give them ample opportunity to respond. Survey responses can be submitted until the day of the election. We never comment or alter any of the responses provided to us.

    What elections are surveyed?

    We survey candidates running for school board or municipal elections throughout Los Angeles County. 

    How can I submit my responses?

    All eligible candidates were contacted via email and phone to participate in the survey. If you would like to revise or submit responses, please contact Abril Iñiguez-Rivas at [email protected] or 213-225-7580.

    How can I help support the Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys?

    Arts for LA encourages stakeholders to review, share, and discuss the survey results with their friends, neighbors and colleagues through email, social networking, and by raising the survey questions at public candidate forums in their community.  If you work for a local agency or organization interested in serving as a local partner, please contact Arts for LA at [email protected] or 213-225-7580.

    How can I view the Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys?

    Arts & Culture Candidate surveys can be accessed through the "Campaigns" section of our web site.  When elections conclude, we archive surveys and keep them accessible for a period of one year.

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    Arts for LA is always looking for people to help us reach more people.

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    Volunteer with Arts for LA!

    Arts for LA is a voice for the arts in Greater Los Angeles that informs, engages, and mobilizes individuals and organizations to advocate for access to the arts across all communities; arts education for every student; robust investment in the arts; and inclusion of diverse and underrepresented voices. Arts for LA invests in leadership development, growing networks of civically engaged advocates; building relationships with elected officials; and working in partnership across sectors to make LA a vibrant, prosperous, creative, and healthy society. Arts for LA has created a spectrum of volunteer opportunities in the areas of special events, communications, and civic engagement.

    Special Events

    Volunteers provide critical support at Arts for LA’s special events, such as:

    • ArtsDay - a day of civic engagement between the public and elected officials,
    • Pop-Up Art Show - a special art show featuring local LA artists, and
    • State of the Arts Summit - an all-day conference of arts and culture professionals and cross-sectors activists,

    Duties may include: welcoming attendees, processing registration, setting up/breaking down, and assisting staff with executing the event. Volunteer shifts are traditionally four-hours on the day of the event, although volunteers are often needed the day before and the day after an event.

    Become a volunteer

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    Every dollar you contribute is an investment in the arts and culture ecology of Los Angeles County. Now is the time to renew your membership to Arts for LA, and renew your commitment to arts access in Los Angeles!

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    Do your part.
    Support the Arts!

    We advocate for policies that value the arts and artists, and that promote a thriving Los Angeles region. Arts for LA represents the politics of arts, strengthening grassroots leadership and leaders, and ensuring that your interests are part of all policy discussions that affect our communities, neighborhoods, artists, and the arts sector. We are the regions only unified voice for the arts, and we build and contribute to coalitions working to protect and promote creative career pathways, equitable arts education, arts funding, and affordable spaces for artists and arts organizations. 

    Your donation helps us to keep you informed, activated, and ready to be mobilized to stem the tide of whatever is to come. As our region continues to re-open and rebuild, we will not stop fighting for you, on the frontline of both arts issues and social issues that can be transformed by the arts. We need your support at this crucial moment.

    If you would rather donate via mail, please send a check (payable to Arts for LA) to Gustavo Herrera, Arts for LA, PO Box 4099, West Covina, CA 91791.

    All donations made to Arts for LA are tax deductible. Arts for LA Tax-ID Number: 20-2797313.


  • Arts for LA Responds to Arts Education Coverage in LA Times

    To the Editor:

    Thank you for the recent pair of articles on the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) efforts to restore arts education (“Little Music to their Ears”/ “Only 35 LA public schools get an A in supporting the arts,” Nov 2) and the network of arts organizations providing arts education (“When schools can’t provide arts education, nonprofit groups step in,” Nov 3).  

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