City: Compton
Position Seeking: City Council - District 3

Question 1: Please share a meaningful experience you had with art (visual, dance, drama, music, media arts) while growing up and its impact on you.

I was blessed to have grown up surrounded by most of the arts mentioned, especially music. The most memorable experience however was that of dance. As a 9 year-old my class took a field trip to the Music Center and attended a performance of the Joffrey Ballet. It was not what I expected. Instead of being bored I remember being in awe of the unlimited physical range of the dancers; but also that unique and amazing stories could be told through dance. To this day I try to share that same experience with my family. We’ve had the honor of supporting The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, The Dance Theater of Harlem, The Lula Washington Dance Theater and the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Question 2: What do you believe the role of City Council should be in developing and supporting the region’s arts and cultural infrastructure?

The City Council should be among the chief supporters and patrons of art and culture. I’m likely to be extremely biased, because the city I would represent (Compton) has a wealth of well-known and unknown artists, in fields that extend far beyond music. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Compton should have first-class facilities for our emerging artists, and that the Council should at all times provide support and resources that make the arts a viable option for our youth.

Question 3: What’s your vision for the city? What role, if any, does art and culture play in advancing that vision?

My vision for Compton includes bringing neighbors closer together. In a city of 100,000 it becomes very hard to connect with one another. And yet most people will find that Compton still functions like a smaller town, which is great. Art brings communities closer, whether watching a school play or a touring dance company. It becomes a touchstone of local culture and a source of identity and ideas. Compton is already known for its musical creativity and yet has so much more to present to the world. I intend to take every opportunity to highlight that fact; especially the more positive aspects of Compton’s artistic communities.

Questions 4: A recent report by the Otis College of Design found that 1 in every 6 jobs in LA County supports the creative sector and economy in Los Angeles County. If elected, how will you aim to ensure the continued vitality and growth of the creative economy and the artistic community that it supports?

With apologies, I have a potential conflict of interest with this question and cannot provide an answer.