Clay Prefabrication Technical Associate

BZIPPY / Bari Ziperstein Studio

Sun Valley, CA

Seeking a Full-Time Ceramic Prefabricator

Full-Time: 5 days a week, 8.5 hrs a day

Who we are:

Founded in 2008 by artist Bari Ziperstein, BZIPPY is known for its experimentation and innovation with ceramic furniture, planters, and home accessories. Working tirelessly to develop engineering methods that challenge conventional notions of slab construction, BZIPPY devises creative solutions to both formal designs and technical concerns. The studio also facilitates the production of collectible design and fine-art work.

The setting for this position is within a 9,000 sq ft artist studio in Sun Valley, CA that houses the creation, fabrication, and sale of ceramic sculpture. With nine full-time employees, the studio is a business first and an artist studio second - we offer up to 40 hours per week plus a full benefits package that includes health insurance.

Bari Ziperstein Studio is looking for a full-time Technical Prefabricator seeking full-time hours, with the skills and abilities to work in a small but growing studio environment. The Technical Prefabricator must have a high level of working knowledge of the best practices for clay processes including rolling slabs, extruding, and mold forming in order to assist with the fabrication of high-quality, large slab-constructed ceramics.

The studio is recruiting an individual with prior clay and studio experience. A prefabricator that is seeking full-time hours, has the skills and abilities to work in a small but growing studio environment assisting the Creative Director to transform artistic ideas into sold collectible design and fine art objects and is seeking an opportunity to become a key member of a growing business.

Applicants must have 2-3 years of slab construction experience - especially focused on the methods and equipment used to create parts for large-scale slab-built ceramics. This includes the slab roller, hump molds, and the extruder. Wheel throwing and coil building skills are not transferable for this studio’s construction methods.



-Follow instruction, schedule, and pacing set by the Logistics Lead of Prefabrication
-Assist the studio in the beginning stages of fabrication of all production ceramics/art
-Roll out slabs
-Executing hump molds using soft slabs
-Extruding clay and prepping extrusions
-Carry out the drying process of all slabs and storage
-Maintain all slabs and hump molds to prevent drying
-Assist the Smalls Department in the fabrication of select catalog smalls
-Maintain the facility at optimal levels and collaborate with Logistics Lead to create guidance in streamlining processes to achieve maximum output and superior products


-Consult with the Creative Director and collaborate with the Logistics -Lead on product design and development, as needed
-Develop cut lists
-Develop templates
-Work across departments as needed
-Consult with the Lead team members on product design and development, as needed and requested by the Creative Director
-Assist with innovation and exploration of larger hump molds and new processes
-Assist with innovation with new / various hump molds with Creative Director, Lead Fabricators, and Woodworker
-Share knowledge and techniques with other employees, as needed
-Continue to develop digital and analog templates as needed in consultation with the fabrication employees
-Maintain and develop all google sheet prefabrication processes and manuals
-Continue research and development of knowledge of clay to provide consistently evolving technical advice on clay properties as needed

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

-Maintain a tidy, clean, safe, and professional personal workspace and studio environment
-Work with others and maintain harmonious and collaborative relationships with individuals working within the studio as a team
-Communicate effectively, with tact, respect, and clearly demonstrate professional boundaries at all times
-Meet and greet individuals that visit and/or contact the studio with a warm welcome and professional assistance
-Demonstrate a keen eye and attention to detail when juggling multiple tasks
-Monitor inventory levels regarding the production of all prefabrication items (hump molds, slabs, plastic / wood molds) and advises the Creative Director of purchasing needs
-Maintain daily awareness of the needs within the studio and effectively communicate those needs to the Creative Director
-Demonstrate the ability and willingness to receive, follow and support the needs and requests of the Creative Director at all times
-Be willing to provide services during scheduled hours of operation which are typically Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:30pm
-Must maintain strict, continuous, and complete confidentiality at all times regarding any and all matters within the studio

Physical Demands:

-Must be able to push, pull, bend, stoop, squat, turn from front to back, turn from side to side, reach above shoulder level, and lift and carry up to 50 pounds
-Must be able to sit, stand, and assume a variety of positions for extended periods of time
-Must be able to work for extended periods of time with clay products and lift, carry, walk on, manipulate with hands and feet, and perform a wide-variety of physically intensive techniques and procedures on a continuous and daily basis
-Must be able to work in a studio environment with cement floors and within limited fabrication spaces when production activities are in full swing
-Must be able to drive own vehicle which is in good working condition, have a good driving record, and meet the minimum requirements for vehicle insurance in California


-Can demonstrate 2-3 years of knowledge of clay slab equipment such as the slab roller, the extruder, and hump molds.
-Previous professional studio experience.
-Curiosity and ability to reverse engineer large-scale ceramic works from sketch to production, providing cut lists for departments, and working in a collaborative fabrication team setting.
-Can demonstrate the ability to receive, understand, and apply information in a timely manner within the company training period.
-Ability to write in a clear and concise manner that enables others to read, interpret and understand messages and written documents.
-Are able to sit and stand for long periods of time, utilize hands and arms in a variety of positions with a wide range of grip strength and manual dexterity, and lift and carry up to 30 pounds
-Are able to uphold good interactions with colleagues by maintaining clear personal boundaries and professionalism.
-Have respect, admiration, and pride for the work done in the studio.
-Ability to communicate with others and face potential conflict with empathy and understanding.
-Ability to embody mistakes without blaming others.
-Ability to embrace and provide feedback.


APPLY by 10/26/21


Starts at $21 per hour. Medical, Dental & Vision, Chiropractic. Paid holidays. Professional practices.

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