Collections Assistant Registrar

Autry Museum

Los Angeles, CA



The Collections Assistant Registrar for the Permanent Collection’s Autry move project is a member of the Collections Management Department, reports to the Senior Collections Manager, and is responsible for the processing of and accountability for all accessioned collections. The position shares responsibilities for all aspects of the Permanent Collection with other department staff. This is a full time, non-exempt position with benefits, which will extend through completion of the Autry move project, beginning April 2018 through March 2020.



Autry Move Project/ Rehousing Initiatives: Will work directly with the Autry’s permanent collection, re-housing a wide variety of objects in custom and standard archival storage containers and recording the location and movement of each object/container, both at Griffith Park and the Resources Center. Tasks will include, but not be limited to: cleaning and condition reporting objects in the permanent collection, conducting inventories of collection items in storage, scanning and tracking objects, double checking updated locations, and running database reports. Under the direction of the Senior Collections Manager, the Associate Registrar will assist with the dispersal of collection items to appropriate storage locations at the Resources Center. The position will also involve the preparation, packing and assistance with transporting re-housed objects to the Resources Center.

Accountability for Collections: Assists in recording the location and movement of each and every object in the Autry’s permanent collection, monitoring procedures regarding change‑of‑location recording, organizing and implementing ongoing physical inventories of collections. Under the direction of the Senior Collections Manager, location and object records may need to be reconciled during the packing process and prior to the Resources Center transfer.

Storage of Collections: Responsible for the arrangement and well‑being of collections in the Collections Storage areas. This includes monitoring all storage conditions for factors and situations that may jeopardize collections. This includes assisting in the coordination of all work activities that take place in storage and allocation of space in which to carry out those activities.



General Collections Management Department Work: All members of the Collections Management Department are responsible for the overall security and well‑being of the Museum collections, including monitoring and practicing proper handling and transport of collections, being present and alert in collections areas when non‑collections people are there, knowing and following Museum policy and procedures regarding security of the premises and collections areas and being available for after-hours emergencies.

Other Duties as Required: The professional staff members of the Autry act as a team to promote and perform to the best interests of the institution. As a member of this team the Collections Associate for Southwest Permanent Collections will be called upon to represent the department and/or the institution at special events, to participate in institution‑wide projects, and to participate in special department projects.



Academic: Bachelor’s degree in related field; ie. Museum Studies, History, Anthropology, Conservation or Art/Art History.

Professionalism: One to three years related experience in collections management in a museum, or an equivalent combination of academic and work experience is essential.

Must possess excellent hand and organizational skills, as well as have experience with packing a variety of 3-D objects, Must be able to work well independently with direction from a supervisor and have an aptitude for teamwork.

The work requires great attention to detail and willingness to perform repetitive tasks. Must be able to receive and comprehend instructions from their supervisor and implement those instructions accurately. The position also requires the ability to work with a multitude of tools and materials necessary to create custom storage mounts and containers.

Computer Skills: Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and have experience with relational database management programs for museum collections. Experience using MIMSY XG and scanning software is highly desirable.



The position requires computer use, physical mobility and stamina and involves long periods of standing, walking, sitting, frequent reaching and bending. Extended work hours as needed.

This position requires, upon occasion, lifting items weighing up to 35 pounds and walking up to 10 feet before placing them. Required upon occasion is lifting of objects weighing up to 100 pounds and carrying them up to 100 feet with one or two other staff members. The work will also involve moving objects in large containers and maneuvering carts, dollies and pallet jacks within storage areas in preparation for transit.



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