Community Programs & Events Intern

LA Stage Alliance

Los Angeles, CA

LA STAGE Alliance is a nonprofit Arts Service Organization dedicated to building
awareness, appreciation, and support for the performing arts in Greater Los Angeles.
LA STAGE is seen by its community as the go-to source for information, resources and
opportunities for artists and arts admins. We strive to engender a robust and diverse
network of artists who engage, inspire, educate, and entertain their communities.

This internship will provide hands-on experience in the unique world of arts
administration and personally curated professional development. The intern will work
directly with program managers to learn about research, event planning, database
management, and communication.

Primary Projects & Learning Objectives
• Commit consistently to a 10-week internship for 16 hours a week.
• Gain a broad and in-depth understanding of the Los Angeles performing arts
• Build relationships with theatre artists and arts organizations in Los Angeles;
• Learn the best hands-on approaches for communicating with small and large
groups of people;
• Learn to work with a dynamic team in a fast-paced environment
• Aid in data and information collection from our 200 organizational members and
300 ovation voters.
• Aid with updating and maintaining programming documents and archival
• Help create a centralized hub of information that producers and voters can
access to aid with their production needs.
• Work with Technology Program Manager to assist voters and producers with
basic needs.
• Assist in event coordination.

Since the intern will be communicating and working directly with hundreds of art-makers
in our local community, they will be positioned to greatly expand their network of
working theatre professionals in Los Angeles.

Requirements and Desired Qualities
Applicant must be a capable college upperclassman with excellent written & oral
communication skills. Applicant must be personable, detail-oriented, flexible, able to
work independently and to comfortably communicate with a wide range of people from
diverse backgrounds in many different settings. Experience with database systems and
Google Suite a plus. Above all, applicant must have a passion for improving systems, a
genuine intellectual curiosity, and a willingness to jump in wherever needed.

Internship is either compensated with a stipend ($1,000) or taken for course credit from
a college or university. Please note that interns are not being hired by LA STAGE
Alliance; rather, they are participating in an educational program. Parking or a Metro
pass will be provided. This internship does not include medical benefits.
To Apply
All applicants must submit a PDF work resume (not an acting or design resume) and a
PDF cover letter addressing why you are interested in this internship, what you hope to
learn, and why you think you would be a strong candidate for this particular internship.
Form letters will not be considered.
Submit materials to [email protected] by September 6th, but an intern might be
selected before the deadline.

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