Consultant to a Design Review Committee

Village Green Owners Association

Los Angeles, CA

The Village Green Owners Association (VGOA), a homeowners condo association in Los
VGOA will hire a Consultant to work approximately one to four days a month, in conjunction
with the Design Review Committee (DRC) - exact hours to be billed monthly.


The Village Green (VG aka VGOA) is an internationally known cultural landmark and
National Historic Landmark of the Garden City Movement, early 20th century, with 629
apartments within 64 acres of parkland. It has also been recognized as an historic site by the
State of California and City of Los Angeles. VG entered into a Mills Act Historical Property
Contract in Dec. 2010. Drafting a Historical Structures Report (HSR) was one of the required
guidelines. This document is referenced by the Design Review Committee when reviewing
owners’ applications for architectural alterations. HSR guidelines need to be included in the
DRC recommendations to the Board.

Lambert Giessinger, Historic Preservation Architect and Historical Property Contracts
Manager, requires that the DRC email his office “questionable” proposals for approval, prior
to Board review. In the last several years, the DRC has been able to establish a “palette of
approved rehabilitation proposals for interiors.” The goal moving forward is that similar
proposals will get swift approval.

Design Review Committee (DRC): The DRC’s overall purpose is to advise the Board on
preservation of the architectural integrity of VG projects. Its activities include monitoring the
architectural status of the Common Areas, advising the Board and Manager on maintenance
and preservation of the physical components (using the CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Handbook as
guides). At times, the Committee works with local, state and national organizations on
preservation projects related to VG.

However, DRC’s primary activity is to: review VG owners’ unit modification requests;
advise owners regarding how best to modify their units; and advise the Board about
whether to approve or deny owners’ applications, in accordance with Section 9.4. (The
Village Green Handbook, January 2018 Edition). The DRC reviews:

 All requests for physical changes to the HOA Common Areas or areas reserved for
Residents’ exclusive use (patios and balconies) but owned by the Association.
 Requests for interior changes that affect portions of the building that are part of the
Common Areas (e.g., walls, electrical infrastructure, plumbing, etc.).
 Owners’ applications for architectural alterations to their units.



Once hired, an introduction will be made by Jerri Allyn, VG Board Director and DRC member
Susan Digiulio, LEED Architect, to establish a relationship with Lambert Giessinger, Historic
Preservation Architect and Historical Property Contracts Manager, and Melissa Jones,
Planning Assistant, at the Office of Historic Resources. The Consultant will facilitate DRC’s
review and processing of owner modification applications, as per below.
Design Review Process/Consultant’s Duties:
1. VG Facilities Engineer receives and reviews modification applications from owners for
code and permit compliance, then submits them to DRC for review.
2. The DRC Consultant receives applications from the Facilities Engineer via Drop Box;
mentors owners in further preparations if necessary; and distributes applications to
DRC members via email in advance of the monthly committee meetings.
3. The Consultant and DRC members research relevant HSR sections and other docs as
needed, adding them to the application.
4. At the meeting, the Consultant and DRC members review applications, field
applicants’ questions, and either approve the application as is, or request additional
information from applicants for email approval prior to the next Board meeting.
5. The Consultant puts application materials into the DRC Drop Box.
6. The Consultant writes DRC cover sheets for each application (with pro or con
arguments); then prepares/submits proposals via email for monthly Board packets.
7. The Consultant ensures the VG Board Liaison understands important aspects of
proposals that must be conveyed to the Board of Directors to consider for approval.
The ideal candidate / Skills required:
 Interior Designer, or someone with related and/or architecture knowledge;
 Willingness to study/develop working understanding of VG’s Historic Structures
 Strong communication and writing skills. Along with owners, must be able to
coherently articulate proposals to DRC members (and possibly the Board of Directors)
in person and in writing;
 Technology skills: comfortable with the internet, email, pdf’s, and Drop Box;
 People skills and patience a priority: Willingness to educate a diverse populace of
owners and mentor them through the process when necessary.

TO APPLY, Please email:

 1-a cover letter noting how your skills make you an ideal candidate for the above noted
responsibilities of the DRC Consultant;
 2-day or hourly rate (include day rates for 2 previous contracted positions).
 3-resume;
 4-names and contact information for three references;
 5-put “DRC Consultant Application” in the subject line of the email.
 Send to: Jerri Allyn, [email protected] Los Angeles, CA, President, VGOA

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