Contributing Members

The following individuals are making the work of Arts for LA possible through their membership dues and special gifts. If you would like to appear on this list, join here. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, donate here



Thank you to those who joined and renewed for 2019!


Analia Saban
Elise Vazelakis
Karen Kanas
William Jones
Linda Neumaier
Commissioner Scott Crawford
Frances Prevas
Jessica Rich
Dellis Frank
Angela Tahti
Wendy Miller
Cynde Balent
Alison Johnson
Jesus Reyes
Megan McWaters
Lyn Goldfarb
Firly Permata
Laura Zucker
Charles Jensen
Betty Avila
Chris Trunkey
Andrea Joki
Lorraine Williams
Nikki Webster
Janna Zinzi
Lisa Davis
Laurey Bennett
Conchita Serri
Brian Mitchell
Olga Garay-English
Russell Copley
Sandy Seufert
Shana Mathur
Shauna Clark
Michael Alexander
Fred Goldstein
Meryl Chae
George Davis
Leni Boorstin
Marie Kellier
Marilyn Nelson
Kati Koster
Michele Schultz
Amber Cromwell
Andra Darlington
Lisa Cleri Reale
Doe Mayer
Melody Kanschat
Juan Devis
Donna Sternberg
Marla Koosed
Isabella Armus
James Mack
Kaye Clarke
Maria Dean
Jesse Ross
Debra Francis
Mark Farina
Christina Paik
Glennis Siverson
Terence McFarland

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Arts for LA works hard to ensure that the arts and culture are seen as absolutely critical to the health of the region. Arts organizations, businesses, foundations, and other institutions play a major role in helping realize that goal. As a Member Organization, you are part of a high-profile network of organizations invested in building a stronger cultural community.