Conversations about Tomorrow

Conversations about Tomorrow

Let Arts for LA be your guide to the complex world of cultural policy in Los Angeles County.

Several times each year, Arts for LA convenes arts managers and leaders from various fields as part of an ongoing series of conversations covering issues affecting arts, culture, and arts education right now.  These conversations are designed for both experienced "policy wonks" and newbies seeking to better understand the way the political and economic landscape can affect our organizations and programs. Collectively, this sessions make up our Cultural Policy Institute.

Each small-group discussion features an expert speaker presenting briefly on a topic of interest.  Arts for LA facilitates conversation with the entire group to help us "drill down" into these issues so we can better anticipate, prepare, and respond to the ever-changing political landscape around us.  

The Cultural Policy Institute is organized in line with the Arts & Culture Policy Framework for Los Angeles County, which focuses the region's collective advocacy on three issues:

  • creative economy
  • civic engagement

Upcoming Cultural Policy Study Sessions are posted below.  They are free for Arts for LA member organizations to attend.  For more information on our membership program, visit our Membership page.

What If We All Voted?
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Breakfast 8:30 a.m.
Program begins 9:00 a.m.
Presentation by Nancy Berlin, California Association of Nonprofits
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Nearly 1 million Californians work for a nonprofit, making up 6% of all California employment.  We make up a big voting bloc!  And because our communities trust us, nonprofits are an important vehicle for civic engagement.  When nonprofits use our voting power, we advance our causes.

But sometimes we don’t act because we’re confused about the rules about nonprofit advocacy, or because we’re overwhelmed with our day-to-day work.  The good news is there is so much that nonprofits can do, even with limited time and resources. Come learn the do’s and don’ts and dialogue about what’s realistic and impactful for your organization and your community. 

Nancy Berlin is Project Director for California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits).  Nancy is part of a team working on many efforts, including lobbying and policy work with the state legislative and administrative branches; and Vote with Your Mission, the CalNonprofits initiative to encourage nonprofits to mobilize their staff, volunteers and constituents as voters.