Cultural/Creative Economy

Cultural and creative businesses are the fourth largest business sector in Los Angeles County, generating $115 billion in revenues annually. These businesses—ranging from for-profit creative enterprises to nonprofit arts service organizations—stimulate the regional economy by providing jobs, fueling tax revenue, and enhancing the overall quality of life for Los Angeles County’s ten million residents.


To build a strong foundation on which the cultural/ creative economy will thrive, we will:

  • Support policies and activities that create and/or retain jobs in the cultural/creative sector
  • Garner support for sustained government cultural resources at all levels
  • Grow foundation, corporate, and individual investment in the arts
  • Endorse and promote policies that ensure equitable distribution of financial resources
  • Support incentives for small creative venture businesses
  • Encourage cultural tourism reflective of the region’s diversity of populations, communities, and art forms
  • Advocate to formally include the arts in government planning and legislation


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