Curator, Latin American Art

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Los Angeles, CA
The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (the “Museum”) seeks an energetic and goal-oriented Curator of Latin American art, with experience in exhibitions and acquisitions. Candidates should be abreast of trends in Latin American and Latinx art, acquainted with peers, artists and scholars in the field, and ready to serve as the Lucas Museum’s in-house subject matter expert. They should be imaginative and purposeful in organizing exhibitions and installations of Latin American art using the permanent collection and loaned objects, and eager to build awareness of the collection for diverse audiences including scholars, the Latin American public, the Latinx public, and the general public. Additionally, curators should be prepared to propose strategies for the strategic incorporation of Latin American and Latinx art into the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

The curatorial team at the Lucas Museum is tasked with overseeing the collection and its strategic growth, presentation, and interpretation. Curators support and collaborate with Museum leadership in developing and implementing a cohesive vision and strategy for the collections and exhibitions of the Museum. To achieve a balanced schedule of monographic, thematic, and traveling exhibitions, curators work cross-departmentally to propose large and small-scale exhibitions and collaborate with other departments to implement and communicate all aspects relating to these projects.

In coordination with museum colleagues, curators research and write scholarly publications and texts; assist with the development and growth of the permanent collection, including acquisitions across many media and cultures; consult on related marketing initiatives; and represent the Museum by delivering lectures, participating in symposia, and otherwise furthering the Museum’s mission. Curators will be responsible for developing the first drafts of texts for publication, didactic and interpretative materials, and public-facing programs – working collaboratively across departments to edit and finalize these materials.

All staff at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art lead through a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within the Museum and with the communities that we serve.

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