Curiosity National Fine Art Exhibition

X Culture Arts

Woodstock, IL

Curiosity National Fine Art Exhibition
cu·ri·os·i·ty /ˌkyo͝orēˈäsədē/
1. A strong desire to learn or know something. 2. An unusual object or fact.
Curiosity is a 5 week national fine art exhibition focused on exploration of the unusual, and the human need to discover.
Concept: Art can be a journey of exploration into the unfamiliar, or unknown, and has the power to introduce us to the new and unusual.
Artists are encouraged to submit work that explores their own personal curiosities about themselves and the world or artwork that is, itself, an unusual curiosity. All mediums are welcomed for submission. 
As an artist, what intrigues you? Or is your artwork is a journal for your new experiences and obsessions? Show us how you have explored new experiences or ideas through your artwork. 
​Early submission deadline: Oct 20, Final Submission Deadline: Nov 20, 2019
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