Dance Instructor

Celerity Educational Group

Los Angeles, CA

Job Purpose:
To provide an appropriate performing arts atmosphere which encourages positive student
learning and to participate in a dynamic setting with other performing arts instructors,
administrators, and other staff members in the development and implementation of the
company’s programs and goals.

 2+ years of professional dance experience
 2-4 years of lead teaching experience with children
 A Bachelor's degree is not required but a plus
 Comfort with acting and music preferred but not required
Knowledge, Skills, Ability:
 Thorough understanding of many dance styles, techniques and genres of dance
 Proper conduct, positive energy and good instruction
 Ability to communicate effectively using written and oral communication skills
 Planning and organizational skills
 Use effective, positive interpersonal skills

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
 Prepare a Pacing Plan for each Trimester (3 annually) and Weekly Lesson Plans
 Understand and implement California Visual and Performing Arts Standards for all
grades taught
 Lead warm-ups through stretching and basic physical activity as a means to prepare the
muscles to perform simple / complex movements
 Observe students in order to determine their physical and artistic qualifications and
recognize each of their needs as each student is different
 Explain and demonstrate techniques and choreography for the students without
 Explain musicality and rhythmic accompaniment
 Teach proper dance technique, terminology and theory
 Drill students in executing and perfecting the dance steps through positive reinforcement
 Incorporate brief history of each dance style / technique performed
 Work with administrators and other performing arts staff to plan and implement
performing arts showcases
 Foster a positive classroom climate conducive to learning which promotes student self-
 Assist all students in achieving performing arts objectives and establishing high
 Maintain professional relationships with staff, faculty, students and parents
 Complete other duties as assigned
 Attend Performing Arts Department meetings every Monday from 3:30pm-4:30pm at
 Follow Federal and State laws, the rules and regulations of Celerity Educational Group,
Governing Board policies, and directives from administrators

To apply, please send the following to [email protected]:
 Cover Letter
 Resume
 Video of any applicable work samples
Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
No phone calls please.

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