Director of Development

California African American Museum

Los Angeles, CA

Job Posting: Director of Development

Working Title: Deputy Director & Chief Curator; Arts, History and Educational Programming

California African American Museum

Salary Range: $9,746.00 - $10,863.00 per month

Position Details: 314-111-1276-001

No. of Positions: 1


Please note that applications close at 11:59PM on May 1, 2019.


Application methods: By Mail | Drop off

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Located in Los Angeles' Exposition Park, the California African American Museum's mission is to research, collect, preserve, and interpret for public enrichment the history, art, and culture of African Americans with an emphasis on California and the western United States. The museum consists of five museum-standard galleries, presented over one floor, featuring historical or modern and contemporary art and from around the world, in a program of several major exhibitions per year. They include temporary exhibitions that celebrate established figures or provide a platform for emerging artists and tendencies; new, site-specific commissions; displays of works from important California and west coast archives; and material drawn from CAAM’s permanent collection. Museum exhibitions are occasionally accompanied by publications and dedicated public programs.


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The Director for Development & Chief Curator oversees Arts, History and Exhibits and Educational Programming and reports directly to the Executive Director of CAAM. Under the general direction of the Executive Director, the incumbent is responsible for overseeing the research, collections, preservation and interpretation of CAAM’s exhibits and educational programs, and prepare articles, submit grants and proposals to further CAAM’s mission, goals and strategic values. This position leads the efforts to build, present, care for, and conserve the Museum’s collections, and is responsible for the support and content of the exhibitions and related efforts.


The Director manages the Curatorial Department and all aspects of its operations, working in a collegial manner to build trust and respect in a team-centric department and throughout the Museum. The Director is considered to be a subject matter expert with extensive practical knowledge of trends and best practices for instituting collections management, exhibition development, educational programming, community outreach, marketing, public relations and fundraising. The incumbent will oversee CAAM’s permanent, self-curated, temporary and traveling exhibits, lectures, seminars, film, workshops, educational programs, scholastic curriculums, cultural presentations, and active collection of art, artifacts and historical documents of the art and culture of African Americans.


The Director is considered to be a scholar of visual arts and history with particular emphasis on African American history, culture and current directional trends of interest to or impacting African Americans. The Director will liaise with local, national and international artists, historians, prospective sponsors and donors, scholars and community leaders on arts and artifacts to promote for public enrichment and education, the history, art and culture of African Americans with emphasis on California and the western United States.


The Director is the lead spokesperson for the art in the Museum’s collection and the exhibitions and must be at ease in a highly visible and public position. The incumbent must cultivate relationships with donors, collectors, and the broader art world, building support for CAAM’s artistic program through gifts, purchases, and exhibition fundraising efforts. The incumbent provides lectures and submits articles to educational institutions, professional journals and associations as well as writes grants and proposals to prospective funders and sponsors. And as a community ambassador for CAAM, the Director must develop civic, cultural, philanthropic, and governmental relationships, advancing the Museum’s mission in tandem with the strategic success of its operations, fundraising, and revenue plans.


The Director has the proven ability to work successfully within a wide variety of disciplines, governance structures, public and private partners and leverage resources to develop, drive and grow CAAM’s exhibit portfolio and educational programs and membership.



Provide oversight for policy, marketing, public relations, research and management of exhibits. Ensure that the exhibit and historic content is accurate, relevant and balanced, and built within the allocated timeframe and budget. This includes working with staff and advisors to monitor the inclusion of key educational messages for each exhibit component. Ensure exhibit graphics design and production, and exhibit fabrication meets the design intent and the standards of CAAM. Ensure that the design development and fabrication of the exhibit components meet the intended goals and mission of CAAM. Establish policies and oversee all aspects of exhibits and educational programming at CAAM. This includes exhibit development and exhibit gallery design, installation and de-installation of self-curated, developing and marketing temporary and traveling exhibits, implementation of educational programming. Development of appropriate methods to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of exhibits, educational programming and overall guest experience.


Advance the Development Department and work with Communications to establish and maintain relationships with corporations, private foundations, individuals, art and history councils and consortiums museum support groups and volunteers for sponsorship and funding support of CAAM. Work with the State Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Trustees on fundraising, grantsmanship, and marketing; and orient donors and volunteer leadership. Develop grants and proposals to leverage the State’s financial investment and maximize future investment in the project. Support the Executive Director of CAAM and provide primary support on all aspects of exhibit development and educational programming, including educational messaging, evaluation, etc.


Supervise and manage full-time Program Managers, staff and volunteers. Partner and provide direction and vision of artworks and artifacts by working and collaborating with a wide variety of disciplines, governance structures, public and private partners and leverage resources to develop, drive and grow CAAM’s exhibit portfolio, educational programs, marketing and fundraising.


Develop and execute collections management policies, agreements and processes to ensure tracking of artist and presenter contracts, loans of artwork and artifacts from private individuals or institutions. Negotiate and work collaboratively with consultants, contractors, designers, architects fabricators and engineers. Compile catalog descriptions for the artwork and artifacts in the exhibit. Oversee management of permanent collection of historical artifacts and memorabilia, acquisitions/deaccessions and other materials. Ensure the works on display are safe, verify authenticity, and convince prospective funders and sponsors, private art and artifact collectors to donate and support the museum.


Outreach and public speaking to diverse groups and professional associations in local, state or national settings. Oversee Conversations at CAAM, and submit proposals, grants, articles and research papers on behalf of CAAM. Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with other art and cultural centers, historical organizations, museums, and local, state and federal government agencies, and funding institutions. Assist with fundraising, and the orientation of donors and volunteer leadership. Develop marketing opportunities to leverage the State’s financial investment. Support the Executive Director of CAAM and provide primary support on all aspects of artwork and artifacts, exhibit development, including educational messaging, evaluation, etc. Work with Executive Staff and other CAAM personnel to provide support for CAAM special projects and initiatives. Attend Board meetings and provide staff support to the Board of Directors, and CAAM’s Foundation as needed.


Other duties as required may include but is not limited to serving as a State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA) Monitor, Skelly officer, participate in special projects as well as emergency planning, drills, exercises and meetings.



  • The Director for Development and Chief Curator is responsible for high-level management and policy influencing projects. In doing so, the incumbent is expected to function in a demanding and changing environment which requires the incumbent to successfully execute the following essential functions:  
  • Serve on the executive team to ensure the success of the Museum’s operations, fundraising, and revenue plans.
  • Serve as content authority for the exhibitions, ensuring balance of schedule, scholarship, and value for audiences in the community and the art world.
  • Work with the Executive Director and Curatorial Department to set the direction and master calendar for exhibitions.
  • Manage Curatorial Department staff, policies, procedures, and budgets.
  • Manage the collection galleries, including layout and design, planning, display and upkeep.
  • Manage CAAM’s Permanent Collection, including accessioning and deaccessioning, storage, conservation, and loans; work with the Board of Trustees (specifically the Acquisition and Collection Committee) to execute that plan. The collection is a diverse, living experience and its presentations must be kept fresh and relevant to add value to the community.
  • Leads and works cross-departmentally to develop and implement a master plan for the presentation of the collection that speaks to a new generation of visitors while serving the needs of traditional audiences.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive, long-range collection plan.
  • Develop and implement an exhibition program strategy and manage exhibition planning.
  • Fundraise for the collection and exhibitions.
  • Serve as a key member of the fundraising team to develop support for the collection, exhibitions, and other programs.
  • Coordinate the gathering of information, records, and other archival material associated with the collection and the library and archives of the Museum.
  • Manage the registrar and library departments’ efforts to digitize the records and archives of the collection.
  • Work cross-departmentally to develop and implement a digital information strategy, including online experiences, for the Museum and its visitors.
  • Develops and oversees the scholarly content of publications for the Museum.
  • Works cross-departmentally to develop and produce the Museum’s publications associated with the collection and the exhibitions.
  • Work closely with the Director of Education to develop public programs that are associated with the exhibition; and develop and deliver docent and volunteer education content.
  • Coordinate with the Communications and Marketing Team to develop and ensure the accuracy of all art-related information delivered to the public.
  • Be committed and provide vision and constructive direction to staff and projects to ensure success.
  • Lead and model the highest degree of integrity and ethics.
  • Provide information and/or counsel to the CAAM Executive Director that is timely, accurate and applies sound judgment.
  • Maintains a strong work ethic, be versatile, flexible, and self-motivated.
  • Manage with poise, optimism, confidence and a positive attitude.
  • Respond to adversity and pressure with calmness and maturity.
  • Possess knowledge and is considered to be a respected leader in the field/discipline.
  • Possess emotional intelligence, exceptional listening skills, and is able to apply intuition and common sense.
  • Works independently and also supports/follows the chain of command.
  • Respects and has a grasp of the legal implications of sexual harassment and bullying, proper hiring and firing practices, budget management and contracting, information security and confidentiality, etc.
  • Communicates effectively and displays strong verbal, writing, and active listening skills.
  • Able to seek out opportunities as well as create, build, and manage relationships (vertical and horizontal) with peers, subject and technical experts, political leaders, officials and supporters, institutions and agencies, etc.
  • Fosters teamwork, cohesion and is an effective and dependable collaborator and facilitator within the field.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned


Incumbent is able to successfully:

  • Demonstrate the ability to perform high administrative and policy influencing functions effectively and is viewed as a national leader within the museum and cultural arts field.
  • Understands state, national and international trends and standards in museums and cultural arts field.
  • Apply knowledge and experience, understand principles and practices of fundraising; grant writing for non-profit organization, administration/management of public museums, exhibits, artifacts, or cultural education and arts centers.
  • Understand functions of the California State Government including the organization and practices of the Legislature and the Executive Branch, principles, practices, and trends of public administration; organization and management; techniques of organizing and motivating groups,
  • program development and evaluation; methods of administrative problem solving; principles and practices of policy formation and development; personnel management techniques.
  • Lead, plan, organize and direct the work of multidisciplinary professional, stakeholders, academic advisors, technical committees and administrative staff; analyze administrative policies, organization, procedures and practices; integrate the activities of a diverse program to attain common goals; gain the confidence and support of top level administrators and advise them on a wide range of administrative matters; develop cooperative working relationships with representatives of all levels of government, the public, and the Legislative and Executive branches, analyze complex problems and recommend effective course of action; prepare and review reports; and effectively contribute to the department’s affirmative action objectives.
  • Utilize knowledge of the organization and functions of the California State Government including the organization and practices of the Legislature and the Executive Branch, principles, practices, and trends of public administration; organization and management; techniques of organizing and motivating groups, program development and evaluation; methods of administrative problem solving; principles and practices of policy formation and development; personnel management techniques.
  • Anticipate and analyze complex problems, reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve complex managerial problems; develop and evaluate alternatives; analyze data and present ideas and information effectively; consult with and advise administrators or other interested parties on a wide variety of subject-matter areas; and gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of those contacted during the course of work; review and edit written reports, utilize interdisciplinary teams effectively in the conduct of studies; manage complex programs; establish and maintain project priorities; develop and effectively utilize all available

Knowledge of: Current principles of public, business and personnel administration; principles and practices of state government as it relates to state hiring, procurement, information security and privacy protection policies and procedures.

Ability to: Complete projects, apply sound judgement, effectively communicate issues; organize and keep accurate records, prepare reports and track information; effectively contribute to the department's and unit’s mission.

Additional Knowledge: Follow information security and privacy protection practices, personal computer operations including electronic spreadsheets, schedules, database activity, word processing and spreadsheet.


Incumbent is professional and customer service oriented, highly organized, consistent in application of policies and procedures, able to work within demanding timeframes, maintain a positive attitude and is able to maintain a productive workload. Incumbent is willing to develop a team atmosphere, can work overtime as required; has proven ability to work independently; and maintain effective relationships.



Communicate effectively with individuals from varied experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. Excellent written and oral communications skills. Ability to develop a team environment.



Work Environment

  • Appropriate attire for professional office environment;
  • Daily use of PC and related software applications at the workstation;
  • Multiple state facilities located on campus-like setting;
  • Administrative office building with secured area for confidential information and public reception area for employees and visitors;
  • Museum facilities are open to the public;
  • Public park areas and facilities.

Physical Ability

  • Ability to sit for long periods, travel to hearings, meetings, etc. and carry out emergency response assignments as needed.
  • Ability to lift, drag, and push objects weighing up to 25 pounds.
  • Ability to walk two miles per day in/around CAAM and Exposition Park. Attend weekend and evening events, occasional changing work hours and travel.


Education: Master’s in a field of African American Studies, Arts, History Education, Social Science, or related field. Masters required.

Experience: Three to Five years demonstrating progressive professional and executive/senior management. Positions with complex and specialized functions and responsibilities in museum field or project, broad and extensive experience in working with non-profit funding and fund raising.



Complete Application Packages (including your Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) and applicable or required documents) must be submitted to apply for this Job Posting.


Cover Letter required

Resume required

Statement of Qualifications required



You may submit your completed Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) by the following methods:


Address for Mailing Application

CA Science Center

Attn: State Human Resources

700 Exposition Park Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90037

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