Dynamic Changes - Message from Executive Director

My greatest honor has been to serve as Arts for LA's Executive Director for the last 3+ years, and at the end of September, I will be stepping down to make space for the next leader to continue this work. I remain deeply and passionately dedicated to Arts for LA's mission, the family of community leaders we have strengthened and mobilized, and what we can continue to achieve by working together.

Change is at the center of growth, but it can also be jarring. Yet, as advocates, we are in the business of change, of not accepting the status quo but instead pushing forward to build a future of vibrant arts and abundant creativity across the LA region.The last few years have been transformative for the arts in Los Angeles County.

Creativity has become a major part of our civic dialogue. Equity and inclusion in the arts regionally is a top governmental priority. Arts policies are being adopted and funding is being increased by local, regional and state authorities. Arts for LA has played a role in all of this. With your support, we expanded ArtsDay into ArtsMonth throughout the county, grew ACTIVATE to represent 250 local community leaders, and surveyed hundreds of candidates for elected office.

One of our sector's greatest challenges is dwindling foundation support for the arts. Addressing this trend is paramount, and so I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to be the founding President of a new foundation, yet unnamed. I will remain in LA, our reach will be national, and the arts will be part of our giving strategy.

I look forward to continuing working with you in my new role, to embracing the opportunity of changing leadership, and to continue transforming together into something even stronger, more just and creative than what we can even imagine today.


All My Best,

Sofia Klatzker

Executive Director