The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) is a proud supporter of Los Angeles’ 2015 Latino Heritage Month (LHM). This celebration promotes and encourages an awareness of the significant contributions made by our City’s Latinos in culture, education, civic engagement,

technology, business, and the arts. 

As part of this celebration, DCA is creating another comprehensive calendar and cultural guide showcasing quality Latino artists from across Los Angeles and listing the numerous events, exhibitions, lectures, festivals, and cultural programs related to this annual celebration of

Hispanic traditions and culture. 

Our goals are to expose Angelenos to the great works of our local visual and literary artists, and to make them aware of the exciting events happening as part of the celebration. We also want to encourage their appreciation of LA’s past artistic traditions and today’s modern contemporary styles.

To assist us, we invite you to submit images of your visual works of art, or your literary works via email to[email protected]. For images, please only send high-resolution images (300 DPI or larger). For literary works, please only send short compositions of poetry appropriate for publication.  Please include all credit information with all works submitted.   

The deadline for artwork submissions is July 20, 2015 .