The title is: ART INSTRUCTORAre you a person who wants to share your passion and inspire others? Are you an outgoing self-starter who loves to entertain a crowd? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you are welcome to apply!

CRAVING 4 ART is a project for anybody and everybody who wants to try something new and creative, enjoy a great company of like-minded people in a fun and comfortable environment. Our mission is to make their experience memorable! We are looking for artists who can lead 2,5-3 hour events in the local bars, restaurants and wineries.

We are very excited to deliver different kinds of art experience to our clients. So if you work in one of the techniques below and think you can teach others to do that in an easy and fun way, we want to hear from you!

Canvas painting

Sketch drawing

Glass painting

Scratchboard Art




Compensation: negotiable (per event)

Please contact us at [email protected]