You are invited to display your artwork for free at our annual San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts, or if you would like to sell it, purchase a booth. Details below:
1. If interested in ONLY displaying your artwork you can reserve a free space. However this category prohibits you from selling anything under $50. For any amount above, the San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts receives 20% payable day of sale.
2. If interested in displaying AND selling your artwork, please purchase a space for your booth for $50. You would then keep any sales funds.
3. For those displaying AND/OR selling their artwork, by signing this contract you agree to the terms for the space and receive 2 chairs, and a listing on the official TriArtSP.comwebsite. You will bring any tables, canopy, and any other items that are needed. Spaces are approximately 10' x 10'.

Download the application flyer from

The San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts (previously SP TriArt Festival) is produced by Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, a non-profit organization, in conjunction with People's Place San Pedro and Alvas LLC. Dates are September 19 and 20, 2015. It is an annual family festival at Ports O'Call, free to the public, with thousands attending. It has become best known for its dance performances, also gaining increased recognition each year for its music. You may use your payment as a charitable deduction (95-3509028) or as a marketing expense. This year we have 21 dance companies and multiple music groups. Download the application flyer, or email [email protected] with questions.