Assistant Producer / Logistics Manager / Project Coordinator / Research Assistant for Artist 
A brilliant, highly inventive individual is sought to collaborate on the production of a complex work of public art that will be installed in Manhattan. The work involves an extensive research and prototyping phase in dialogue with collaborators from several non-art disciplines both in LA and other locations. 
The work will not be menial. It will require patience and follow-through at a high level of specificity. An organized, rigorous thinker who permutes novel solutions is desired. Someone who enjoys finishing lists of complex tasks and discovering the most efficient path forward is ideal. Must be capable of extensive research beyond one's knowledge base and generating actionable summaries of this research for the purposes of the project. 

  • A general familiarity with the production cycle of an exhibition is desired. 
  • Detailed listening skills and equally detailed communication skills both with the team and with external parties; written and spoken
  • Rock steady
  • An interest in ephemeral artworks and non-market-related art circumstances
  • A comfort with unusual technologies and methods


  • Compensation will not be exploitative, but also it will not be lucrative. This position will pay $10-15/hour, starting at $10 and depending on performance, increase to 15 within two months. 
  • Schedule will be four half-days per week 15-20 hours. Hours may expand or contract but 10 hours are guaranteed paid, regardless. 
  • Exact location unknown, but Northeast LA is assumed


  • Please just send a paragraph about your experience producing complicated projects, any specific fabrication or production expertise, any background in physics and/or sailing (not kidding), and your CV. 
  • Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule one hour of their time, remote. They will then be sent a riddle at this time and given an hour to come up with a solution. This hour will be paid using Venmo or Google Wallet. 
  • We hope to hire this position by August 15. 

All inquiries and applications: airspecies@gmail.com