Assists the Technical Director in all aspects of the operation of the theater.

Reports To:
Technical Director



  • Manage the sound and video aspects of REDCAT, including management of personnel, and creative supervision as the resident sound and video designer for REDCAT.  This includes designing the sound or video for many productions that do not travel with a sound/video designer, as well as working to integrate the sound design of other companies with REDCAT’s space and equipment.
  • Hire, schedule, supervise and manage designers, audio/ video engineers and part-time crews for work calls in the theater.
  • Create and manage production budgets for sound and video technology and production, in conjunction with technical director.
  • Oversee training of sound and video personnel as technology advances.
  • Participate in short- and long-term planning to improve the operation, safety and efficiency of the company.
  • Purchase, rent or lease equipment, tools and supplies for specific productions and for the general operation of the theater.
  • Participate in advance communication with visiting technicians and designers to advise the Technical Director of production-related needs.  This includes translating sound and video plots provided by touring companies to work with the REDCAT space and equipment.
  • Oversee and manage archival audio documentation of all shows at REDCAT; and video documentation as requested.
  • Initiate, design and implement changes to the physical space or operational systems of the theater to improve safety and efficiency, in collaboration with the Technical Director and other staff.
  • Serve on performance crews as needed in a number of capacities, including sound/light board operator, stage manager, or running crew, as dictated by the needs of the event.
  • Work as a team with the other REDCAT staff and the hourly crew members to create the best possible experience for audiences and artists.


  • Demonstrated passion for contemporary performance, art and media.
  • Ability to lead and supervise, while working effectively as part of a team.
  • Familiarity with sound and video gear used at REDCAT (Yamaha DM 2000, Soundweb, etc.) as well as other industry-standard equipment.
  • Creative design skills and talents for advanced audio, video and multimedia events.
  • Budget development and management skills related to technical and production division, with an emphasis on sound and video technology.
  • Fluency with Protools, QLab, and other production and performance software as needed.
  • Ability to draft in both AutoCAD and Vectorworks, and proficiency in the use of other computer software, such as MS office.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  • Master’s degree in Fine Arts desired, emphasis in sound or video design, or equivalent experience.


  • Minimum of six years’ experience working in technical theater.
  • Thorough background in design, theatrical sound systems and video projection.
  • Extensive professional experience miking and  live-mixing a variety of musical styles, including chamber music, rock, jazz, etc.

This position is available immediately.  If you are interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Be sure to indicate Assistant Technical Director-Sound/Video in subject line to be considered.

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