Job Opportunity: Route Audiovisual Technician

The Industry, LA’s artist-driven experimental opera company, is seeking a highly motivated independent Audiovisual Technicians for an upcoming production Hopscotch. Founded in 2010 by director Yuval Sharon, The Industry creates experimental productions that expand the traditional definition of opera. By merging media and through interdisciplinary collaborations, we produce works that inspire new audiences for the art form.

Our last major production, the widely acclaimed Invisible Cities, at Los Angeles’s historic Union Station was experienced live via headphones during the daily activity of the station. Our latest project, Hopscotch, is the world’s first mobile opera. It will take place in limousines zigzagging around Los Angeles and at secret historic sites. The audience can experience the opera in the cars or at a Central Hub where all the journeys are live-streamed to one location.

This is the opportunity to join the production team that produces the most innovative immersive cultural experiences in Los Angeles.

Rehearsals, dress rehearsals and previews run September 28 – October 25, AV Techs schedule during this time is TBD. Before rehearsals begin in September, the AV Techs will be needed for technical testing, site visits, and production meetings.

Hopscotch runs October 31 – November 22 - AV Techs must be available each Saturday and Sunday during this time and October 25th-October 30th

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to jobs@theindustryla.org mailto:jobs@theindustryla.org

Job Profile
As assistant to lead audiovisual technician, you will work closely with the Lead Audiovisual Technician and Audiovisual Production Team to aid in the execution of all aspects the production as it pertains to technical needs to ensure that all production-related elements are properly handled in a timely and professional manner.

This is a catchall position perfect for someone looking to break into the community and cultural events production field. The ideal candidate will be comfortable wearing many different hats at once, and will be extremely detail oriented with strong communications skills, both speaking and writing. In addition, this position requires someone who is a self- starter and enjoys working in a fast-paced, positive and creative environment.

Work Activities
You will work with a wide range of equipment, including:
- Projectors and 50” TVS
- Sound systems
- Media servers and other playback software
- LED Lighting
- Video and still cameras
- UHF wireless microphone systems and antenna placement
- WIFI networking
- Live show control and live stream technology
- Automotive 12V power systems
- 12Vdc-120Vac inverters

Your daily work will include:
- Setting up equipment according to instructions from video and sound designer
- Ensuring equipment is set up on time, taking into consideration health and safety aspects
- Testing equipment before events
- Troubleshooting technical difficulties and faults at all site locations
- Operating equipment during rehearsals and the event itself
- Checking and servicing the equipment
- Equipment management
- Training individuals to use the equipment
- Liaise with external partners and provide feedback information where necessary

- Ensuring Artistic Director is confident and expectations have been met in order to achieve desired results
- Changing room layout and/or equipment at late notice when necessary
- Reporting faults with audiovisual equipment 

- Ensuring that audiovisual equipment is stored correctly and securely after events

- Covering other audiovisual areas as needed

- Qualifications Formal education in theater, TV or film, technologies/design is preferred
- Experience with audiovisual equipment, products, installation techniques and field servicing
- Basic understanding of live show control and basic QLab programming
- Understanding of automotive 12V power systems is a plus
- Understanding of 12Vdc-120Vac inverters is a plus
- Computer proficient
- Must be able to: use hand tools & test equipment; know how to solder & crimp connections; pull cable; lift heavy objects, sometimes overhead; climb ladders
- Proficiency of UHF wireless equipment and antenna placement
- Installation of: projectors, screens, displays, wiring, cabling, control systems, rack-building, and knowledge of complete audio-visual equipment package
- Organizational skills
- Must possess a valid driver’s license; have and continue to maintain a safe driving record
- Ability to work well as part of local and remote teams and also on your own initiative
- Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
- Flexible approach for dealing with varied tasks
- An awareness of electrical safety issues
- Good communication skills
- Experience with live events
- Ability to think and work independently
- Creative problem solving and trouble-shooting skills; creative thinking