Gallery Guide Internship

Gallery Guides work with the LACE team to carry out the day-to-day operations of the gallery. Gallery Guides will have the opportunity to interact directly with visitors during gallery hours, as well as artists and curators during exhibit production and openings.  There are numerous ongoing public and event-based programs, which further enrich the experience of LACE’s diversified programming. Gallery Guides will also attend private walk-throughs with the artists to learn about the projects and be able to fully educate the public on LACE's programming. This position provides a point of entry to contemporary art. 

General Summary of Responsibilities:

. performing day-to-day duties, including opening/closing the gallery and tracking gallery attendance . ensuring quality of visitors' experience through facility maintenance . performing clerical duties, including answering phone calls and sorting mail . greeting visitors and educating the public about LACE's programming . providing curatorial and production support as needed . assisting during special events

Production Internship 

Production interns will work with the LACE team to support the production of LACE exhibitions and events. This position provides the opportunity to learn about and participate in the installation of our upcoming winter programs. Interns will work directly with the Exhibitions & Programs Manager as well as preparators, artists and curators to develop production plans and assist with the installation of exhibitions as well as related events. Production interns will gain experience in art handling and packing, gallery preparation, and gallery maintenance. This position provides hands-on experience in gallery operations and preparator duties as well as a point of entry to contemporary art.

General Summary of Responsibilities:

. assisting LACE production team in the installation / de-installation of exhibitions and events . supporting the reorganization of LACE's facilities and inventory . working together with registrar and archive interns handling and shipping art work .ensuring quality of visitors' experience through facility maintenance . providing curatorial and production support as needed . assisting during special events

LACE Communications Internship

Communications Interns work directly with LACE staff to promote, develop and maintain all of LACE's social media platforms. This work includes archiving social media posts, as well as researching best practices and developing online modes of communication. Intern will create posts about LACE programs and other partners that are in our greater community. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo and Instagram, the Social Media Intern will communicate with our audience about exhibitions and events under the supervision of LACE staff. The Social Media Intern is also responsible for streamlining our social media platforms. Fluency with web and social media platforms are required.  

General Summary of Responsibilities:

. updating and maintaining all of LACE's social media platforms . producing weekly social media reports . performing clerical duties, including answering phone calls and sorting mail . greeting visitors and educating the public about LACE's programming . providing curatorial and production support as needed . assisting during special events . manage press coverage for all exhibitions .  

Archives Internship 

The LACE Archives Internship will provide an interested individual with the opportunity to gain training and experience working with archival collections. In addition to providing training in widely held standards and protocol of collections management, it also offers a unique introduction to working with collections related to experimental and variable media art. In addition, the intern will benefit from honing standard skills expected in any office.

General Summary of Responsibilities:

. Overseeing collections-management issues and use of an extensive database specifically designed by Franklin Furnace Archive to meet the needs of collections of conceptual and other variable media art . Utilize the LACE Archives Handbook for accessing, scanning, saving various materials to the archive database . Respond to research inquiries about LACE’s archive and facilitate the use of collections by LACE staff members, visiting scholars and artist researchers . Continue processing LACE’s collections, which includes digitizing video, slides and printed matter . Organization of physical archives on an ongoing basis . 

LACE Internship Requirements (All programs):

. excellent communication skills . must be available during weekends and some evenings during special events . must be interested in contemporary art and willing to learn about current and upcoming exhibitions . technical experience (a/v operations) is a plus.

Time Commitment

Minimum 3-month commitment with approximately 14 hours/ week. Must be able to start immediately. 


Unpaid position. Intern alumni receive: 1 year LACE Friend Membership, North American Reciprocal Membership & ModCo Reciprocal Membership  


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Send a resume, a cover letter and 1-3 professional/educational references to:

Fiona Ball, Gallery Supervisor / fiona@welcometolace.org  


LACE is a contemporary visual art space that encourages people and projects working across diverse creative forms to interrogate the boundaries of culture and artistic practice. LACE exhibitions, performances, screenings, dialogs and other public forums strive to inspire the public imagination and to expand interactions between art and audience. Located in the heart of Hollywood, LACE contributes to the activation of Los Angeles' urban landscape and champions art's ability to engage with the timely issues that shape local and global life. Become part of LACE’s illustrious history today, while ensuring its vibrant future.  For more information, please visit www.welcometolace.org.