Call for Art: Night Dive on February 13, 2015  Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA Submission Deadline: January 16th @ 5PM Theme: Odd Couples 

Night Dive @ The Aquarium of the Pacific

On February 13th, the Aquarium of the Pacific will hold its first Night Dive of 2015. This event features local artists, bands, djs, and guest speakers. Night Dive is an adult only event and opens its doors to guests between the hours of 7 and 11pm. Attendees have the rare opportunity to enjoy the Aquarium after regular visiting hours, and the experience is enhanced with an art exhibition, live music, and bars throughout the venue.

The theme for this Night Dive is ‘odd couples’. With Valentine’s Day falling the day after Night Dive, we want this event to be a destination for lovebirds, but we also want to appeal to the nontraditional relationships and all of the single people out there! We think the theme of ‘odd couples’ will be a fun way to portray the idea that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

For the art portion of this event, we will have three submission categories: Odd Pairings, Love for Me & Love for You, and Selfie Art. Artists may submit to one, two, or all three of the categories, however, artists may not submit more than three art works total. Artists who would like to do live painting or a live demo are welcome!

Odd Pairings: Art that portrays odd couples. This may be an unusual or nontraditional relationship between two people, a person and a thing, a person and a place, or any combination of the three! You may also submit art made of two or more materials or mediums that are uncommonly used together.

Love for Me & Love for You: Art that portrays love for yourself or another person, place, or thing. How do you depict the love that you have for yourself, your partner, your cat, or the ocean? Don’t be shy in showing your love!

Selfie Art: Art that can be used in creating a “selfie station” at Night Dive. Think backdrops, interactive installations, or props.

Restricted Materials: balloons, dead animals, sand, shells, rocks, driftwood

Deadline for Submision: Friday, January 16, 2015 by 5PM.

Notification Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

De-installation: Artists may choose to take down their art at 10 PM, so that they may enjoy the last hour of the event. De-installation officially begins at 11 PM. Artists must take all art and belongings with them after the show. If you are borrowing any display equipment from the Aquarium, please leave everything in a pile where you exhibited your work.

Participation Agreement

  • Participation is voluntary
  • Artists will receive two complimentary guest tickets and free parking validation
  • Art work may not be hung on the Aquarium walls
  • Art should be displayed using tables, movable walls, standing easels, and table easels
  • The Aquarium can provide tables, tablecloths, chairs, clip lights, and movable walls
  • Artists must arrive at 5:30 on the evening of the event to ensure that their display is ready for viewing by 7 PM.
  • Artists may not sell their art at the event
  • Artists may not leave their art/exhibiting area during the event

 To submit art, please do so HERE: