My name is Elizabeth Carranza, and I am a curator looking for artists to submit work for an art show happening January 9th, 2016 at ArtShare LA.

The deadline for the show is November 30th (with proof of work being 90% done atleast). Hanging fee is 50 dollars and artwork drop off will be January 4th at 801 e. 4th Place, Los Angeles, Ca, 90013.

The theme of the show is Modular/Modularity. A philosophy that aligns itself with the theme is "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Some artists that have submitted artwork incorporated the compartmentalization of memory; portraiture; abstract figures that show the human for in its simplest "modular" form. As you can see the concept is fairly loose. My only request is that if you submit work, to please give me a brief explanation on why you think your work is fits the theme. 

Anyone interested in the show should submit images and brief info to [email protected].

Thank you!

Elizabeth Carranza