2015 FUNDING is available for California based traditional and folk artists

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The Apprenticeship Program encourages the continuity of the state's

traditional arts and cultures by contracting master artists to offer

intensive, one-on-one training to qualified apprentices. Each $3,000

contract will support a period of concentrated learning for apprentices who

have shown a commitment to and a talent for a specific folk & traditional

art form or practice.


The Living Cultures Grants Program celebrates its 10th year with several

significant changes to the guidelines and application. The changes are due

in part to a reduced grantmaking budget and retooling the program design to

maximize the impact of the LCGP grants on small budget organizations.

Please refer to the guidelines below for a full program description, but

some of the changes incorporated this year include:


. a cap on organizational budget size for eligible applicants ($250,000);


. a one-year waiting period for those who have received three consecutive

years of LCGP funding;


. and, three pathways of nurturing, sustaining, and engaging in traditional

arts practice serve as a framework for prospective applications.