Employer: David Wiseman Studio. LLC
Location: Glassell Park, Los Angeles, CA

Ceramics Studio Assistant
BFA in Ceramics

David Wiseman Studio is a multi-disciplinary art studio engaged in the design and fabrication of sculptures, furniture, and lighting.
Our studio is seeking a full time studio assistant with 1-2 years professional work experience in ceramics/artist assisting.

The ideal applicant should be familiar with our work, design aesthetic, and materials. Applicants should be organized, self-motivated, enthusiastic, receptive to feedback and constructive criticism, and willing to take on a variety of tasks. Applicants must have a strong fine art and design background, and demonstrate a strong ability and interest in the following:
-Well-organized with the ability to break down and prioritize tasks
-Excellent follow-through
-Work on multiple projects simultaneously.
-Strong verbal and written communications skills
-Excellent time-management
-Bringing a design from concept to completion
-Porcelain slip-casting
-Kiln use and maintenance
-Plaster mold making
-Refining of ceramic pieces
-Mixing slips and glazes
-Learning and executing other processes used in the studio
-Multi-task while maintaining meticulous attention to detail

Applicants should be comfortable working in a fast paced environment, be comfortable working collaboratively with other designers and techs, and be highly responsible. The ideal applicant has experience in the materials, but is excited by learning new and different techniques, is highly dedicated to craftsmanship,  and will adapt easily to the studio environment.

Please direct resume, cover letter, and work samples/website to Sarah Farmer: [email protected]