Six Mondays from October 19 – November 23, 6 – 9pm
$72 for the series, advance registration required by Oct 5.  No drop-ins.
@ Pieter Performance Space, Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles

Collective Creation Lab is a practice based, studio workshop for performers of all disciplines to try out new ideas and ways of working. Participants take turns leading structures for generating new material, and playing with old, new, or undeveloped ideas, in a safe, supportive, interdisciplinary cohort of peers.

The goal is not to create “a piece,” or even show anything we make to the public. The Lab is a place to play around, try out ideas, experiment with ways of working that are totally outside your wheel house, make BAD WORK in a fun, safe, private space, etc. Or it can be the start of a new project.

Participants can come from any performance-based discipline (dance, performance, theatre, music…), and should be open and curious about trying out other ways of working. Structures will be led by different members of the group each week, and might be borrowed from dance composition, devised or traditional theater, performance art, or experimental music.

In the past, weekly sessions have explored: authorship and exchange; Eric Morris’ Instrumentals; Barbara Dilley’s Red Square; and plot, character, and story. YOU tell us what you want to experiment with, make a lesson plan, and we’ll dive in together.

Each participant will be invited to lead (or co-lead) a session, but that is not a requirement. It is, however, a low-pressure opportunity to experiment with leading a class or facilitating an interdisciplinary collaborative process.
The Lab is facilitated by Rhizomatic Arts director Allison Wyper. More info/registration at