CREATIVITY IN THE CLASSROOM begins February 28th at Inner-City Arts!

CLASSROOM TEACHERS - Come to this series to engage in meaningful experiences in the arts and to learn strategies to incorporate the arts into the classroom setting.

TEACHING ARTISTS - Develop and deepen your teaching artistry and further your understanding of classroom culture and goals.

Teaching artists and classroom teachers come together to create, learn, extend and connect!


CREATIVITY IN THE CLASSROOM is five engaging, practical workshops for classroom teachers, teaching artists and other interested community members.  Participants explore their own creativity and gain skills to integrate a variety of arts disciplines into language arts, social studies, science and math. Connections are made to the Common Core and the Visual and Performing Arts Standards and reflection/discussion strategies are explored that apply to all student work.  Brain research that is foundational to all learning is introduced and strategies for developing metacognition are illuminated. Emphasis is placed on practices that support the creation of a supportive environment for creative exploration and expression.



Dates: Feb 28, Mar 7, Mar 21, Apr 11 & Apr 18

Times: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

This series is designed for those new to teaching the visual and performing arts, as well as those with a full range of experience. Two LAUSD Salary Points or two Extension Units (through Mount St. Mary’s College, for an additional fee) are available.

Flyer and registration form can be downloaded at:



* hands-on workshops in drawing, painting, ceramics, dance, music, drama, poetry and playmaking;

* opportunities to explore one’s creativity individually and collaboratively;

* practical strategies to integrate the arts with each other and into all content areas;

* exploration of brain research that builds an understanding of the potential value of arts in the classroom;

* classroom/studio management strategies when teaching in and through the arts;

* tools for establishing a safe space for creative exploration and expression;

* connections to Common Core Standards;

* an introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards;

* a variety of discussion strategies that engage students in responding to work they or their peers have created.



Inner-City Arts, Professional Development

[email protected]    213.627.9621  ext 114


"This is a very thorough and useful workshop. I will be recommending it to all of our teachers and artists."

- Margit, Director of Education, Community Arts Org.


“The lessons learned from this [series] have allowed me to see the need to incorporate visual/performing arts into the teaching and learning of practically all subjects.”

- Grace, High School Teacher


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