A Place Called Home is seeking a Director of Programs

Reports to: Executive Director

FLSA Status: Exempt                        

Salary:  Depending on Experience and Salary History

A Place Called Home is at an inflection point. The agency has been serving the South Central community for 22 years, always growing and expanding. Over the past six years we have doubled our budget and staffing, strengthened our programs and added new ones, increased staff development and worked on building a “learning organization” culture that includes a commitment to continuous improvement on every level. APCH Programs have functioned under the leadership of a strong Director of Programs who is leaving a solid foundation, a competent and committed staff, and set of standards and systems for the next Director of Programs to build on and take to the next level.

We are looking for someone with strength, vision, courage, experience and energy to take on this important assignment and be a leader and a partner in providing excellent, innovative, substantive and effective programs and services to youth and families in a community that faces a wide spectrum of challenges, many that stem directly from generations of poverty and marginalization.

APCH works daily to counterbalance the disadvantages our constituents face and to empower, equip and inspire our members to break negative cycles and make positive change in their lives, in the community and in the world. (www.apch.org)


Who you are

The Director of Programs (DOP) for A Place Called Home is a visionary and effective leader whose passion for service is the foundation for long-term vision and daily stewardship for the operations of A Place Called Home’s programs. You are a stabilizing force for the dynamic programs team, and a leadership partner in planning growth and evolution for the agency. You focus on the details while tending to the big picture vision as guided by the Executive Director (ED) and in tandem with the entire senior leadership/management team (Leadership Circle). You apply strategic management skills while leading by example and design. You maintain stability while promoting innovation, creativity and exploration. Your abilities to adapt and respond to changing needs are essential, as are your humor, calm, and expansive capacity. You have an affinity for our community and our mission and you approach your work with the attitude and responsibility of a “leader.” Your business ethics are transparent and you employ an open style of communications and collaboration. You are dependable and possess a rock solid work ethic and a high level of emotional intelligence. You care about relationships and find joy in your work and in making a difference in the world. You are a lifelong learner who is committed to your own personal and professional growth. You embrace the concept of working at a “learning organization” committed to egalitarian principles and constant improvement.


Director of Programs Summary of Responsibilities

The Director of Programs reports directly to the Executive Director; works closely with peers/senior staff; and is integral to strategic planning, growth and community initiatives. He/She is a full member of the APCH Leadership Circle and shares responsibility for big picture planning and leadership for the entire organization. The Director of Programs is directly responsible for planning, implementation, supervision, budget management and evaluation for all the direct service programs except Counseling, Volunteerism, and Community Initiatives, in accordance with the standards, policies and protocols set out by the organization. This is a demanding job with multiple moving parts, making it essential to delegate, develop leadership in others, and plan ahead. As a member of the Leadership Circle, the Director of Programs participates in strategic planning, budgeting, and program initiatives, in addition to problem solving, culture building and providing structural support. He/she is accountable and responsible for specific projects as assigned. The Director of Programs is a highly visible ambassador and representative for A Place Called Home and is an example and inspiration to all staff.


Duties and Responsibilities

Fiscal Responsibility and Management

  • With support from the ED, COO, Accounting and the Associate Director of Programs, is responsible for conception and management of the annual Programs Budget in coordination with program supervisors, including preparation for the new Fiscal Year Budget to be presented to the Board of Directors for review and approval
  • Responsible for approving and overseeing Program expenditures in alignment with the approved budget, and justifying change requests 

Human Resource Management

  • In consultation with the Leadership Circle, is responsible for the selection and hiring of the program Associate Directors (a relatively new management tier)
  • Manage, supervise, coach, support, discipline and evaluate the program dept. associate directors and supervisors
  • Supervise program associate directors and supervisors to direct, plan and oversee the work product of the program staff, including supervision and evaluation, training and team building
  • Organize, lead and attend regular departmental meetings to maintain effective communication and execution of programs, plans and directives
  • With the support of HR, provide support to associate directors and supervisors to hire, evaluate and discharge line employees to ensure qualified program staff are in place at all levels to carry out program activities with excellence and a commitment to constant improvement 

Program Delivery

  • Hold the overall “program vision” and take the lead on supporting, growing and providing quality control and customer service for APCH programs, which include: MEMBERSHIP & PARENT SERVICES; EDUCATIONAL SERVICES; HEALTH, NUTRITION & WELL BEING; CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS; BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE/TEEN PROGRAMS & SERVICES
  • Compile, maintain and analyze program statistics to contribute to reflection, assessment, analysis and planning
  • Stay informed and analyze program and sector trends and best practices; anticipate pertinent issues; and develop program planning and recommendations that are solution focused for consideration by the Executive Director and the Leadership Circle
  • Develop, implement and evaluate recruitment strategies to expand and maintain the number of clients/members participating in the program 

Partnership Work

      APCH is committed to collaboration, both internally and externally.


  • The Director of Programs is a full member of the Leadership Circle, comprising the Executive Director and the directors of the following departments: Counseling & Staff Development, Operations, Director of Programs and Development. The Leadership Circle functions as a strategic think tank, policy-making group, executive level peer support system, and steward of the organization’s ethos, culture, reputation and efficacy, with a commitment to collective impact and constant improvement
  • The Director of Programs is responsible for maintaining fully engaged and integrated working partnerships with the leaders of the following departments:

o   Counseling (Human Services) and Staff Development: the Director of Programs and Sr. Director of Counseling and Staff Development work hand in hand to provide exemplary leadership and partnership to integrate their departments and maintain staff cohesion, training, program evaluation and other areas of overlap

o   Operations: the Director of Programs and Chief Operations Officer work hand in hand to provide exemplary leadership and partnership to facilitate, staff cohesion, APCH site supervision, safety and security, transportation efficiency and other areas of overlap

o   Development: the Director of Programs and Director of Development work hand in hand to provide exemplary leadership and partnership to facilitate staff cohesion, the gathering and delivery of pertinent information, the generation of narrative and statistical documentation for grant applications and reports, and budget projections and oversight

o   Corporate and Community Engagement: the Director of Programs and the Associate Director of Corporate and Community Engagement work hand in hand to provide exemplary leadership and facilitate staff cohesion and to plan and execute APCH community events, as well as interact with corporate partners and sponsors

o   Volunteerism: the Director of Programs and the Manager of Volunteer Engagement (seated in the development dept.) work hand in hand to provide exemplary leadership and partnership to facilitate the integration and management of volunteers assigned to program departments

o   Continuation High School: the Director of Programs is responsible, with the Associate Director of Teen Programs, for maintaining APCH’s partnership with the LAUSD Continuation High School hosted @ the APCH campus

Inter-agency and in the Sector

  • Responsible for representing APCH and cultivating, supporting and maintaining productive work partnerships with schools and colleague organizations in our sector on local, regional and national levels
  • Responsible for sharing and leveraging resources, programs and initiatives with other agencies to make best use of and expand our capacity in terms of quality, efficacy, breadth and impact of our services
  • Responsible for co-planning, co-hosting and co-producing partnership and sector convenings to identify and implement best practices

 Special Projects and Initiatives

  • The Director of Programs is an important leader/partner in the planning and execution of strategic organizational growth, including providing input on physical expansion
  • Creation of the “APCH Model” – the Director of Programs is an important leader/partner (with the ED and the Sr. Director of Counseling and Staff Development) in the codifying of a manual and set of protocols for staff training, program curriculum, and program assessment

Committee and Ambassadorial Work

  • The Director of Programs is responsible on occasion for sitting on and supporting APCH Board and Collegial committees as appropriate and as assigned by the Executive Director
  • The Director of Programs explores opportunities and participates in community round tables and convenings


To perform this important job successfully, the Director of Programs must be able to fulfill all of the elements of the Job Description to the highest standard, and be able to work well with colleagues in a high energy, collaborative environment with open communications. All employees are expected to contribute to ongoing growth and improvement in their departments via excellent job performance. Additionally, you are expected to speak up if you become aware of deficiencies and needs; and to offer solutions and make suggestions for improvements in your purview areas. Likewise, because each employee and each department is integral to the entire APCH community, we expect that as you focus on your area, you will also consider the big picture and the overall mission of the agency, and communicate with the appropriate individuals if/when you become aware of problems and/or have suggestions for ways and opportunities to make APCH stronger and better. Together, we can continue to take APCH to even higher levels of excellence and service to the community.

The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic and self-motivation. Must be able to multi-task and possess excellent organizational, verbal and written skills. He/She must be committed to his/her ongoing personal and professional development. 

 Technical and Performance Skills

Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills         Emotional Intelligence

Excellent Management Skills                                            Professionalism

Customer Service                                                                Organizational Skills

Computer Skills                                                                    Time Management

Public Relations Skills                                                        Networking

Collaborative Skills (to work with donors, staff, Board members, volunteers, partners)

Excel and Database Management                                   Multi-tasking

Creativity                                                                               Mission-Driven        

Detail-oriented                                                                      Dedicated to excellence

Bilingual a plus:  English/Spanish                                               Problem-solving

Passion for APCH mission                                                            Grant writing and reports

Passion for interacting with youth                                                Strategic planning

Passion for mentoring staff and developing leadership in others


  • Degree required:  M.A. (MBA a plus)
  • Four years of relevant experience in a position of responsibility at a like-sized community center or youth-oriented program or in a related field
  • Minimum of 3 years management experience with a staff of 20+
  • Minimum of 3 years managing 6 direct reports or more
  • Minimum of 2 years managing a budget of more than $500,000
  • Minimum of 2 years community outreach and networking experience on behalf of a comparable organization

Physical and Mental Demands

  • Able to work in high energy noisy environment typical of a youth center
  • Able to sit for hours each day; frequent walking and standing; occasional physical activities in recreational setting
  • Lift up to 20 pounds occasionally
  • Speech and hearing within normal ranges; speech clarity sufficient for standard face to face and telephone communications

Additional Information

  • Must be able and willing to work a flexible schedule (including some long days, evenings and weekends) 
  • Must work well with diverse populations of employees, constituents, donors and partners
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and insurance


Background screening required

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and 2 writing samples (samples should be wholly or primarily written by the candidate and can include any of the following: grant narratives, white papers, program descriptions/proposals, speeches, and other relevant materials), to Human Resources atapchemployment@apch.org by no later than 10/16/15

(E-mail submission only/No phone inquiries) 

Responses will be sent only to individuals meeting the outlined requirements of the position.