Grants for Nonprofits Focused on Youth Arts and Creative Programs
Green Foundation

The Green Foundation has ongoing funding for quality nonprofits focusing in a number of areas, including arts and creativity programs for children. The funding is ongoing, and the first steps are 1. see if your nonprofit is eligible, and 2. send in a letter of inquiry.

Eligibility requirements:

Focus Areas
The Green Foundation's resources are focused on four specific areas - The Arts, Education, Human Services, Medical/Scientific Research, and Special Projects. Preferential attention will be given to institutions exhibiting the following positive factors:

  • A history of achievement, good management, and a stable financial condition.
  • Significant programs with the promise of making a measurable impact.
  • Programs that are self-sustaining and will not necessitate continued dependence on the Foundation.

Institutions Ineligible for Funding

  • Those with net assets or fund balances of less then $100,000.
  • Those seeking multi-year commitments.
  • Those seeking funds for annual meetings, conferences, and/or seminars.
  • Those seeking funds for religious programs.
  • Those seeking funds for capital campaigns.
  • Those seeking funds through direct mail campaigns.
  • 'Conduit' institutions, unified funds, fiscal agents, or institutions using grant funds from donors to support other institutions or individuals.
  • Private, Non-Operating Foundations.
  • Individuals.

Geographic Focus
Southern California

General Eligibility
Institutions must be classified by the IRS as public charities and tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

From the Website:
Leonard I. Green was committed to arts programming in Los Angeles. He believed in the positive impact arts education and outreach in schools, colleges and artistic institutions had (and have) on the city's youth and adult population. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting institutions that focus on arts outreach and education and we continue to encourage growth in all areas of the arts. Priority is given to those institutions that promote the expansion of community arts programs and/or support youth and adult creativity in their regular schedules.

Ongoing deadline

Contact: Kylie W. Schwerdtfeger or Elena Hermanson 
Phone: 626.793.6200
Email: [email protected] 
Grant link:
Deadline: 12-31-2014