Dear Friends,

 Just a reminder: Our next $1000 Working Artist Grant / Purchase Award Deadline will be March 31, 2015. Please see our Guidelines page for complete details.

We are very pleased to announce our newest Working Artist Grant / Purchase Award Recipient for the month of January 2015, Video / Installation Artist Dave Greber!
Dave Greber's videos are intended to make the viewer laugh, and he succeeds. While exploring contemporary media languages, he exposes tactics of corporate television that he says "are, for the most part, culturally degenerative memes overlooked by the general public." He tackles commercials, reality TV, self help spots, and popular culture in general, infused with tongue in cheek deeper meaning. 

Hailing for some time from New Orleans, much of Dave Greber's work has been steeped in the city of Mardi Gras and Carnival's unique cultural esthetic. We find fortune tellers, made-up characters, references to voodoo, tarot cards and plenty of fake gemstones. Perhaps the last best informs us of the double intent of the artist's work.

Recently Mr. Greber's videos have evolved into glitzy, intricately layered, magical realist, post consumer video installations he has coined Stasseos (Stained Glass Videos). They are beautiful, mystical and facetious. Some are masterpieces of a fledgling genre, one he himself is defining. We hope you'll spend some time with his excellent work.