The Industry, LA’s artist-driven experimental opera company, is seeking a highly motivated, independent, and entrepreneurially minded Managing Director. Founded in 2010 by director Yuval Sharon, The Industry creates experimental productions that expand the traditional definition of opera. By merging media and through interdisciplinary collaborations, we produce works that inspire new audiences for the art form. We believe that new opera opens space for imagination, engagement, dialogue, and connection. The Industry serves as an incubator for new talent and for artists predominantly based in Los Angeles. Our previous productions include Christopher Cerrone’s Invisible Cities at LA’s Union Station; a performance installation based on Terry Riley’s In C at the Hammer; and Anne LeBaron’s Crescent City at Atwater Crossing. 

The Managing Director works closely with Artistic/Executive Director Yuval Sharon in all the production and administrative aspects of The Industry. The right candidate will have both production and administrative experience; be highly detail-oriented and thorough; and enjoy thinking and working outside the box. Opera knowledge/experience is not required. The position is full-time equivalent with a competitive salary. The schedule varies based on the production phase and includes evenings and weekends. Duties include: 
· Financial 

o Entering all company financial transactions into Quickbooks, regularly generating and reviewing budgets with the Artistic/Executive Director for approval, and generating budget reports for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. 
o Collecting and organizing receipts for all transactions. 
o Generating and maintaining project-specific budget reports in Google Docs (including donor events, major project and staff budgets, etc.). 
o Periodically reviewing and managing bank statements, credit card statements, and online donation software statements (OvationTix, PayPal and Square). 
o Working with The Industry’s accountant to develop and submit annual 1099s, 990s, and 199s. Also managing all staff W-9s, and submitting periodic 1099 reports to the EDD (Employment Development Department). 
o Periodically depositing company checks, and managing and issuing staff and other company checks via paper check or Union Bank Bill Pay. 
o Completing and submitting the annual CDP (California Data Project) reports. 
o Addressing any tax or financial issues that come up, in coordination with The Industry’s legal and accounting teams, and reporting action plans to the Artistic/Executive Director. 

· Development 

o Attending donor lunches/dinners with the Artistic/Executive Director and/or Board members. 
o Attending donor events, and assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in any required coordination with the host or attendees. 
o Managing and delivering donation acknowledgement letters. 
o Researching, writing, tracking and submitting grants for foundations, corporations and the government. Attending grantor meetings and training sessions, at times with the Artistic/Executive Director. 
o Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in setting-up, executing, and managing fundraising campaigns as defined by the project, as well as organizing and distributing Kickstarter rewards to donors. 

· Board Development 

o Attending quarterly Board meetings and periodic committee meetings. Presenting financial reports and assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in providing overall company updates. 
o Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director and Board members in board recruitment, cultivation and management. 

· Production 

o Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in strategic project development. 
o Managing contractual negotiations with vendors and partners involved in The Industry’s projects, in cooperation with The Industry’s legal team. 
o Attending meetings with the Artistic/Executive Director with potential and current project partners, local government representatives, staff, artists and advisors. 
o Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in drafting and managing project documents, including promotional materials, support letters, invoices, and contracts. 
o Ordering, dropping off, and picking-up supplies as needed by the Artistic/Executive Director. 
o Attending all rehearsals and performances, overseeing the communication and needs of the artistic and logistical teams, and addressing any issues that arise as needed. 
o Setting-up and managing the OvationTix audience ticketing system in consultation with the Artistic/Executive Director. Working with the Associate Producer to manage audience relations and address any issues. 
o Working with PR team to manage press at performances. Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in managing VIPs at performances as needed. 

· HR/Staff Management 

o Recruiting and interviewing the project logistical staff, including: Production Manager, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, House Manager, Stage Crew, and as necessary, project designers and technicians. 
o Managing and all artists and staff LOAs (Letter of Agreements) and contracts in cooperation with The Industry’s legal team. 
o Maintaining clear lines of communication within the organization: conducting regular check-ins with the Associate Producer, Creative Manager, and Outreach Coordinator, relaying information from the Artistic/Executive Director, and delegating tasks as needed. 
o Supervising the Production Manager during production and coordinating with the Music Director and Stage Manager on major logistical issues. 
o Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in supervising the Graphic Designer and PR firm. 

· Administrative 

o Attending regular weekly check-ins with the Artistic/Executive Director to review the past week’s tasks, set tasks for the coming week, and devise long-term strategies for the company. 
o Attending monthly check-ins with the administrative team (Artistic/Executive Director, Music Director, Creative Manager, and Associate Producer) to announce and receive company updates, and brainstorm strategic decisions moving forward. 
o Assisting the Artistic/Executive Director in scheduling meetings, taking minutes at meetings, taking meetings with potential volunteers and other interested parties, and drafting response letters and emails. 
o Coordinating and maintaining The Industry’s project management software, Podio. 
o Collecting and managing all legal documentation, and dealing with any risk management (legal) issues that may arise, in consultation with The Industry’s legal team and the Artistic/Executive Director. 

Required Skills: Quickbooks; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel); Google Apps (Email, Google Docs); Basic accounting; Excellent staff management and communication skills; Excellent ability to work independently, multitask, meet deadlines, and quickly adapt to changing priorities. 
Recommended Skills: Adobe Creative Suite; OvationTix (or comparable ticketing system);Podio (or comparable project management software); Square and PayPal; Ability to successfully complete CDP (Cultural Data Project) reports; Relationships with institutional funders. 

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] mailto:[email protected]