*Watts Village Theater Company nurtures and produces original works of

theater and educational programming that inspire action and dialogue about

contemporary social issues to honor the rich history, cultural diversity

and underserved populations of South Los Angeles.*


*Job Summary*


The Managing Director is responsible for the administrative and fiscal

operations of the company.


He/she coordinates and overseen the day-to-day and overall company

operations. The Managing Director is in charge of earned and contributed

revenue streams, and supervises the accounting and bookkeeping functions of

the theater. Also serves as the supervisor of all grants writing

activities and supervises all support staff.


The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors.


*Managing Operations: *The Managing Director is responsible for generating,

directing and supervising day-to- day administrative activity.

Additionally the Managing Director will work with the Artistic Director in

all aspects of planning and administering artistic projects.


*Financial Oversight:* The Managing Director will oversee the

organization’s fiscal integrity, including preparation of budgets,

financial reporting to Board of Directors, and working with the Board of

Directors to develop and fulfill long-range fiscal strategies.


*Fundraising:* In partnership with the Board of Directors, the Managing

Director will create a fundraising plan including development of revenue

through grantsmanship, special events and development of individual donors.


*Community Outreach:* The Managing Director will create and implement a

plan for reaching out to the South Central Los Angeles community through

public relations, marketing and community activism.


The ideal candidate for this position should have a Bachelor’s degree and

at least 5 years’ experience in arts organization management. Also must

have excellent computer and writing skills.


Salary commensurate with experience with a salary range of $35,000 -

$45,000 plus benefits.


Questions should be directed to Karen Rushfield, Board of Directors,


[email protected] or 310-556-0605.


Cover letter and resumes should be sent to Karen Rushfield,

[email protected]


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