The State of Teaching Artistry: California Takes on Questions of Teaching Artist Training and Certification

Join TASC and teaching artists from around the region to discuss and challenge ideas about teaching artist training and questions of certification.

Saturday,October 3, 2015, 10am - 12pm at LA County Arts Commission, 1055 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 800, Los Angeles, CA 90017

 Our goal is to develop broad-based consensus from the teaching artist field across the state of California on core training needs for professional teaching artists, regardless of the environment that they work in or the special populations they serve.

Join us if:
• You run an organization that hires teaching artists and wish all the artists you hired had a core set of skills you can build on with your organization's training.
• You are an experienced teaching artist who learned some of your skills the hard way, and have experience to share about the skills you might have learned that would have made your life easier and/or your work deeper, sooner.
• You are an emerging teaching artist who wishes you could enroll for a few highly focused classes that would really set you on the path to a professional life as a teaching artist.
• You have lots of idea and opinions about training, certification and/or credentialing for teaching artists.

What'll we talk about?
• We'll review what we already know about the knowledge, skills and dispositions of highly effective teaching artists.
• Brainstorm about ways these things are taught, learned or otherwise shared and developed.
• And collect ideas and models for how we would like to see our field develop its collective expertise.

Recommendations from around the state will be collected and shared with the field  and will guide the work of the Teaching Artist Support Collabroative of California.

Make a difference in our field! Join us for coffee and morning snacks, networking, and real problem-solving.