In the spirit of Halloween, SHINE, the popular storytelling series, is seeking true stories and songs on the theme “Spooked” for our show on Sunday, October 18th.  Submission deadline is Friday, September 25th.

Storytellers: We are looking for true stories about your greatest fears, phobias, or freaky encounters – and what you learned from them.

Singer/Songwriters:  We are looking for someone to sing one, or possibly two, songs on the theme “Spooked.”

SHINE is a monthly storytelling event which features inspiring true stories.  It’s held at the beautiful Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica.

 If you have a story or song that fits this theme, please email Isabel Storey, Producer, at [email protected].  Also, please feel free to send questions.
Story submissions should contain a synopsis, outline, or full text of your story – as well as your bio.  We are open to submissions from experienced storytellers, actors and writers--as well as those who have never told a story on stage before. 

For full submission guidelines and details about the event please see our website:

If you have a story or song to share, we’d love to hear from you!

Isabel Storey
Producer, SHINE

Shine is produced by Storey Productions in association with Santa Monica Repertory Theater and UCLArts and Healing.