The  Los Angeles High School of the Arts is a public, non-audition, theatre arts school on the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools site located in Korea Town.  LAHSA is a small school where the theatre arts helps fuel the academic curriculum, and a Linked Learning certified site.  

Please see the following for a look at the impact statement of LAHSA.

LAHSA school site:

The theatre department consists of four positions (two in performance, two in tech/design) and is looking to fill the critical position in the technical pathway for the 2015-2016 academic year (beginning August 2015.)  The program has evolved over the last seven years into a college preparatory program for students in the field of technical theatre.  Students graduate with a portfolio displaying a vast range of design/technical products.  In the 2013-2014 Academic year the LAHSA technical program (and theater facilities) underwent a massive renovation, now housing state of the art equipment that rivals that of some universities.  

With strong ties to companies such as Center Theater Group, Cornerstone Theater company, the Lyric Theatre, and the Los Angeles Music Center, the Los Angeles High School of the Arts is an exceptional place to be.  An incredibly committed faculty, supportive administration, and place for academic innovation.  First place winners in the DTASC competition in the category of Set/Lighting in the Spring 2015 Shakespeare festival, as well as numerous other recognitions for Honorable Mentions and Trophy Wins over the past two years of competition.  Program to host the Fall 2015 DTASC festival at the RFK site.

The position comes with great demand, and great reward.  Please be advised of the commitment to the program.

Compensation follows the LAUSD CTE Scale Step 1 for entry position, as well as a stipend for each of the two mainstage productions.

Bachelor’s degree in related theatre field (LAUSD requirement for Highly Qualified Status)
CTE Credential (see link for obtainment requirements- assistance navigating is very much available!  See beginning section for 3-year Preliminary Credential)

Professional experience (Requirement of CTE credential.)
Advanced Construction Skills (Carpentry, Welding- Mig, Tig, Plasma cutter)
Basic to Advanced Lighting (Board Operator/Master Electrician) on an ETC Ion Board, as well as LED Lighting
Light rigging
AutoCAD and hand drafting
Model making and rendering skills
Artist appreciation and general design
Microsoft- Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Helpful- Audacity (basic sound manipulation)
Shop/tool maintenance.
General technical genius.

Soft Skills:
Must love teenagers!
Willingness to work with others. (Academic teachers in the coordination of interdisciplinary projects.)
Patience, and large amounts of it.
Multi-tasking and general appreciation of chaos.
Organization of above chaos.
Ability to make decisions quickly and adapt to change.
Responsible and capability to make adult decisions.

General responsibilities:
Full teaching schedule (6 classes meeting on a rotating block schedule.)
Serve as a representative of the LAHSA program.
Technical director for the Cocoanut Grove Theatre- two annual mainstage productions and LAHSA academic presentations. (2015-2016 season: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and Hamlet)
Technical set-up for additional Black Box style events (Academic presentations.)
Some weekend technical builds.
After school hours for technical builds/lab hours.
Serve as a mentor for design students (Senior Level design/tech curriculum.)
Serve as a mentor for the DTASC (Drama Teacher's Association of Southern California- built into the Academic schedule.)
Perkins/grant funding- general purchasing.
Excellent communication with Cocoanut Grove technical events coordinator.

Please submit resume and cover letter to:
[email protected]