Sculpture Conservation Studio seeks a temporary, full-time Technician to join our staff. We are a full service art conservation and historic preservation facility dedicated to the care of sculptural art objects, artifacts, and historic architecture. A short-term project requires additional physical labor to prepare large cement backed tiled murals for installation. You will be part of the team removing brick and excess cement off of the backside of the panels, pouring concrete, and installing the mounting system. You should be able to use hand, power tools, and an gantry. In additional working on the panels, you will be going on supply runs, taking photos of the works in process, andwriting short daily reports.

This is not a conservation position, but you will be able to learn if you are interested. Those with a fabrication or construction background are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in being part of SCS, please submit a resume and cover letter to: sculpcons@gmail.com.