L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs 


Title: Teaching Artist Musician- Drummer/Vocalist 

Job Status: Non-Exempt part-time position 


Position Summary: 

The Musicians are responsible for leading the instrumental music instruction classes on a weekly basis to the youth of the afterschool program. Responsible for developing skills in all music instruction projects. Will provide opportunity for youth to participate in program culminations to express their understanding of learning art and performing instrumental piece. Works on developing skills at the beginning and intermediate levels. 


Responsibilities and Tasks: 

The Musicians will lead all weekly art classes for our youth participants. Weekly skills development in learning vocal and drum instruments. Individual and group instruction is provided to each student. Musicians will teach harmony, rhythm, basic introductory music techniques including how to read notes, scales and play music, Intermediate students will learn how to play individually and as an ensemble. Applicant must have ability to teach percussion and vocals. 


Organizational Relationships 

Under the supervision and direction of the Program Director and Artistic Director. 

Will co-teach classes with another instructor who teaches guitar/bass/keyboards. 



· Education/Knowledge: Preferred B.A./B.S. or A.A. degree. Professional affiliations are recommended 

· Experience: At least one to two years experience in non-profit youth organization with providing art related activities. 

· Skills and Abilities: Must have knowledge and experience in working with middle school youth art programs. 



Wednesdays and Thursdays at Irving Middle School, 3:30pm-5:30pm, 4 hours per week 

Pay Scale: 


Based on experience - $20-$25 per hour 



Please email [email protected] mailto:[email protected], no phone calls please