2015 Third Annual All Women Artist Group Exhibition

                      “Water-Line: Inspiration for Change”


Studio C Gallery is proud to announce our Third Annual All Women Artist Group Exhibition in May 2015. Our gallery is located at the Santa Fe Art Colony,

in Los Angeles, CA.


About Our Space

Studio C Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and emphasizing the work of women artists. We are committed in bringing attention to the feminine characteristics and

trademarks of art making. Studio C creates a space for women artists to flourish by producing one group show and one solo show per season. Each year, the gallery will present exhibitions referring to a theme or a discipline.


 Last year’s exhibition, Oneira: I Dream the Self was very well received. The caliber of the work shown was exceptional. The Huffington Post gave us a significant review.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johnseed/oneira-i-dream-the-self


This year we are looking for women artists, whose work is inspired by water.

The title of the exhibition is Water-Line: Inspiration for Change.

Water-Line is a line that marks the level of the surface of water on something, such as a hull of a ship, the horizontal line marked on a wall after a flood or the

line where a body of water and the shore meet, such as an ocean or lake.

Water-Line can be an indicator of balance in nature.

 Water is essential to life.  We know that our bodies are made up of 50-65 % water. In the first stage of life, our body’s lungs learn to breathe in amniotic fluid. Essentially the first breath we take is in water. Water can enrapture our senses. Water symbolically cleanses our soul.

The connection between women and bodies of water have remained an inspiration throughout time. This particular connectivity we would like to see through each artist’s personal contemplation on water, from environmental influence and change, to the sublime qualities that raise these questions. It is the intent of this exhibition to explore the feminine interpretation of water through a wide range of media.


This exhibit has no predetermined expectation for type, style or media of work to be considered or selected. Submissions can range from the most traditional to the most conceptual or experimental. The only criteria is that the work interprets the theme of the show, “water”.

All mediums are accepted, including video and installation.