Writing the Trans* Point of View with Luke Dani Blue

In the now-familiar gender transition story, a narrator “trapped in the wrong body” resolves her/hir/his suffering through medical intervention. Complications ensue: family members reject the transition-er, violence occurs and/or the protagonist grapples with the implications of a new role in society. The focus remains on the trans* body and the cisgender community’s reaction to it.

This Craft Session will turn the gaze inward, discussing how the alchemy of gender affects language, form and what a character notices. Participants will discuss how they can use these elements to illuminate a unique trans* point of view.

Poetry, fiction, and nonfiction written from gender outsider points of view, by Saeed Jones, Migueltzinta Solís and Jeanette Winterson, will trigger generative exercises and discussion. Plan to leave this Craft Session with pages of new writing and greater insight into the important question, “What is it that only this character can understand?”

Writers of all genders welcome.

Sunday, November 8
Location: Beverly Hills
11 am – 2 pm

 Link to the description, Luke's bio, and tickets for the event.