Funding Opportunities

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

San Francisco, CA


Two funding opportunities for 2019 are available now from the Alliance for California Traditional Arts / ACTA-

Apprenticeship Program- contracts California-based master artists or culture-bearers for $3,000 to offer intensive one-on-one training for a specific art form to a qualified apprentice for six to twelve months.

Living Cultures Grants Program- Grants up to $5,000 will support proposals that sustain and transmit traditional arts expressions and demonstrate impact on cultural communities.  Open to organizations with budgets under $250,000. If you have been awarded an LCGP grant for three consecutive years, we ask that you sit out one year before reapplying.



DEADLINE : JUNE 29th, 2018 (postmarked or online)

Questions?  Call 559-239-9812 or [email protected]


WEBINARS – Free!  May 9 + 23 at 12 noon and June 6 at 6p (Spanish)

Sign up for instructions: [email protected]  or call 559-237-9812

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