Gloria Olmos

City: South El Monte City
Position Seeking: Councilmember

Question 1: Please share the most meaningful arts and cultural experience you had growing up.

My most meaningful experience growing up is when my Dad was an American Legion Post Commander & we had to perform in front of the veterans. To see the look on their faces and their deep appreciation they had for us touched my heart especially , because I was so shy growing up, and this performance set a whole new precedence for me. So I highly recommend the Arts not only for the self esteem it adds to the performer, but the power you have to reach the audience is so awesome.

Question 2: What do you think should be the role of City Council in the development and support of the region's arts and cultural infrastructure?

I think that we should invest in some type of cultural arts such a nice Museum, or to also elaborate on talent shows to allow the children to perform. As a School Board Member I have implemented many cultural festivities where the children perform, they sing, dance, and perform an enactment of Historical characters. It really is amazing.

Question 3: What’s your vision for the city? What role, if any, does art and culture play in achieving that vision?

I feel that if the children are performing families come out and support them, which will bring in community involvement and we can make it a festival time to also raise money for our community and in doing so enrich their performance program.

Questions 4: A recent report by the Otis College of Design found that 1 in every 7 jobs in LA County is supports the creative sector and economy in Los Angeles County. What strategies, if any, would you pursue to enhance the region’s creative economy (i.e. cultural tourism, indirect and direct jobs, nonprofit and for profit organizations)?

The first would be to involve Parents, Teachers, Community Members, and Businesses to come together to create a huge festival that would include The Arts such as singing, dancing, performances, food booths, taco trucks, icecream vendors, diverse booths. A DJ . So that the Diverse would make money and we would participate as a community together. Also I would contact the local colleges to have their students mentor some of the younger students as well as get them involved for recognition as well to promote their school Arts.