Graduate Student Internship

Los Angeles, CA
ICEF Public Schools

Paid Graduate Student Internship

February - May 2016


Organization Information

Organization Name: ICEF Public Schools
Organization Website URL:
Organization address: 5120 W. Goldleaf Circle, Suite 350; Los Angeles, CA 90056

Primary Contact Information

Primary Contact – Name: Jamie McAndrews / Michel Schneider
Primary Contact – Title: Arts Instructional Specialist / Senior Director of Development & Communications
Primary Contact – Email: /
Primary Contact – Phone: (323) 290-6907

Organization Overview

ICEF’s Web site address is The mission of ICEF Public Schools is to prepare all students to attend and compete at the top 100 colleges and universities in the nation. The mission of the ICEF Arts department is to prepare students to compete in the top arts colleges as culturally aware, individual critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers with imagination and integrity.

Paid Internship Description: Arts Month Coordinator

ICEF Public Schools has ten schools in South Los Angeles and Inglewood that serve nearly 4,000 students. The education is based on the three A’s: Academics, Arts and Athletics. The Arts team is seeking help with advertising and coordinating various aspects of our Arts Month. The coordinator is to work directly with ICEF’s Arts Instructional Specialist and Senior Director of Development & Communications on five specific items:

  1. Ticket sales and marketing for the ICEF school play.
  2. Providing support in coordinating the ICEF Visual Arts show.
  3. Develop a strategy for parent engagement in the arts. This can include circulating a survey, coordinating a Town Hall, etc. Post survey/event, compile feedback and work with Arts team to develop a plan and parent volunteer opportunities.
  4. Research potential local art partners and stakeholders determine how they can get involved in ICEF’s Arts Month (April/May 2016).
  5. Work with Arts team to support and promote Arts Month in general.

Graduate Student Requirements

Proof of enrollment in a part-time or full time enrollment in a Masters or Ph.D. program at an accredited University.

Compensation and Required Hours

The total compensation for the graduate intern is $1,250. Payment will be made in two installments. The first payment will occur midway through the project and the second payment will occur upon completion of the project.

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