Heaven & Hell Exhibition

National Fine Art Exhibition in Historic Arts Center

Woodstock, IL

HEAVEN & HELL EXHIBITION: National Fine Art Exhibition in Historic Arts Center

Heaven & Hell is a group fine art exhibition showcased in Woodstock, IL, northwest of Chicago. 

The exhibit will be in the Old Courthouse Arts Center, a 5,000 sq ft gallery located on Woodstock's historic square, NW of Chicago. You may recognize the square from the film Groundhog Day. ​

Heaven & Hell is a juried exhibition that explores the concepts of good vs. evil, and the idea of a link between our experiences during life and after death.

Artists are encouraged to submit work that explores:
-heaven or hell
-either good or evil
-good vs evil
-heaven or hell as a metaphor
-your hopes, fears, beliefs & feelings relating to either

Submission details, pictures from previous exhibitions & a full prospectus can be found here: Heaven & Hell prospectus

+ Final submission deadline, May 3
+ All mediums will be accepted for consideration. 
+ Installation, 2D and 3D submissions welcomed.
+ Jury fee is $30 for up to 5 images. 
+ No hanging fee.
+ Artist awards valued at $1,500 USD.
+ Additional virtual exhibition online.
+ Accepted artists will be eligible for video interview promotional feature for exhibition.

+ This National fine art exhibition will be set in a formal gallery space. 
+ 2020 marks the Old Courthouse Art Center's 30th anniversary.
+ Exhibition June 2020* (backup dates scheduled for August 2020)

*PLEASE NOTE: We are committed to keeping art alive & promoting artists during COVID19! 
If necessary, we will adjust our schedule to make sure the work gets the audience it deserves. 

As a precautionary measure, backup exhibition dates have been secured for August.


Joe + Kathleen Isacson are curators for this exhibition, working in partnership with the Old Courthouse Arts Center and the Northwest Area Arts Council.

Learn more or submit at Isacson-Arts.com

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