Honey & Smoke Open Call for Artists

Honey & Smoke


 Honey & Smoke. a global artist community + platform creating space for artists to meditate on important themes of our time. As we prepare for our 'Ancestral' season, we're reaching out to our community for submissions!
What is a Honey & Smoke season? We will be breaking up each year into 3 seasons. Each Honey & Smoke season, we will meditate on a selected theme through art, events, and conversation. We recognize that everything we do is an extension of the efforts, struggles, and sacrifices of those who came before us. We want to always honor the work and people that have created space for each of us to exist. It motivates us knowing that just as those who came before us fought for us to be who we are now, we can do the same for future generations. As such, we felt it was the perfect way to launch our first season as a community!  

We welcome submissions including but not limited to: visual art, photography, film, prose, poetry, audio & sound. Works should be focused on the theme: Ancestral, and will be featured on our digital and/or print platforms between November and February. 
We'll be accepting submissions until November 1st. You can also learn more about Honey & Smoke here.
Feel free to spread the word & share with friends! 

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