ICAC Art Contest

International Confederation of Art Critics


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► 1st Prize - Hardback 72 page book about you and your art
► 2nd Prize - Your work exhibited at the London Art Biennale 2017
► 3rd Prize - Your work exhibited at the Chianciano Art Biennale 2018
► 4th Prize - Your work published on Saatchi Museum Magazine
► 5th, 6th & 7th Prize - Professional Art Critique about your work
► 8th, 9th & 10th Prize - Artist Website by experts
How to Apply: 5 images of artworks, name and email address.

Deadline for Entries:

20 July 2016

Eligibility and Requirements:

Just your Art, Nothing else
Are you a visual artist? That's it.
Or would you like to apply on behalf of an artist? This accepted for living artists.

Selection Process and Deadline:

Create, Apply and Win
Artists are selected purely on the basis of talent.
Deadline: 20th July 2016
The winners will be communicated on the 30th of July.

How to Apply:

5 images of artworks all created by the same artist.
Your name and email address.
All your creative talent.
£10 administrative application fee.

Results Announcement Date:

30 July 2016


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