Interim Movie Maker and P.O.V. Program Coordinator

Young Storytellers

Los Angeles, CA

About ​Young ​Storytellers

We ​have ​a ​simple ​mission: ​to ​inspire ​young ​people ​to ​discover ​the ​power ​of ​their ​voice. ​Using
one-on-one ​mentorship, ​low-income ​students ​learn ​how ​to ​write ​original ​stories ​and ​see ​them
brought ​to ​life ​on ​stage ​and ​film. ​Thanks ​to ​thousands ​of ​volunteer ​mentors, ​actors, ​and ​professional
teaching ​artists, ​we ​serve ​more ​than ​50 ​public ​schools ​in ​Los ​Angeles ​and ​New ​York ​City, ​reaching
1,000 ​students ​in ​elementary, ​middle, ​and ​high ​school ​each ​year. ​As ​a ​result, ​young ​people ​learn
that ​their ​voice ​matters. ​For ​more ​information, ​please ​visit

Position ​Overview

The ​Movie ​Maker ​and ​P.O.V. ​Program ​Coordinator ​is ​responsible ​for ​creating ​schedules ​for ​all ​middle
and ​high ​school ​programs ​and ​serves ​as ​the ​main ​point ​of ​contact ​between ​our ​office ​and ​Movie
Maker ​and ​P.O.V. ​partner ​schools, ​They ​oversee ​the ​high ​school ​mentor ​recruitment, ​training, ​and
selection ​process ​for ​our ​middle ​school ​Movie ​Makers ​program. ​The ​Coordinator ​supports ​the
teaching ​artists ​who ​run ​our ​programs ​in ​their ​student ​and ​mentor ​recruitment ​process ​and ​with
technical ​material ​needs. ​They ​also ​assist ​in ​our ​adult ​volunteer ​recruitment ​and ​clearing ​process.
Anticipated ​start ​date ​is ​January ​2017 ​(with ​a ​few ​training ​days ​in ​mid ​December). ​This ​is ​a ​full ​time
salaried ​position ​($42K ​per ​year) ​with ​$425 ​monthly ​health ​insurance ​allowance, ​retirement ​savings
program, ​and ​generous ​paid-time ​off ​/ ​holidays. ​The ​interim ​position ​will ​end ​in ​June ​2018, ​hire ​will
have ​the ​potential ​to ​permanently ​join ​our ​team ​(dependent ​on ​review ​and ​program ​direction).

Primary ​Duties ​and ​Responsibilities

  • Partner ​Schools: ​This ​position ​is ​the ​main ​point ​of ​contact ​between ​Young ​Storytellers ​and ​our
  • partner ​middle ​and ​high ​schools.
  • Creates, ​confirms, ​and ​updates ​program ​schedules ​with ​partner ​schools.
  • Sends ​schools ​program ​materials ​and ​completes ​any ​paperwork ​required ​by ​our ​schools.
  • Sends ​school ​surveys ​that ​help ​us ​collect ​useful ​data. 
  • High ​School ​Mentors: ​Is ​responsible ​for ​recruiting, ​training, ​and ​selecting ​high ​school ​mentors.
  • Takes ​lead ​on ​mentor ​recruitment ​and ​training ​at ​schools ​with ​new ​head ​mentors.
  • Oversees ​returning ​head ​mentors ​in ​their ​recruitment ​and ​training ​steps.
  • Oversees ​high ​school ​mentor ​selection ​and ​confirmation ​process.
  • Works ​with ​head ​mentors, ​teachers ​and ​school ​to ​schedule ​master ​classes ​as ​needed ​(used mainly ​as ​tool ​to ​recruit ​and ​retain ​high ​school ​mentors).
  • Head ​Mentors: ​Supports ​head ​mentors ​(teaching ​artists ​who ​run ​the ​programs ​at ​each ​of ​our ​partner
  • schools).
  • Assists ​Program ​Director ​at ​head ​mentor ​trainings ​twice ​a ​year.
  • Supports ​head ​mentors ​at ​filming ​days ​(3 ​hour ​weekday ​afternoon ​or ​Saturday ​full ​day ​film days).
  • Oversees ​head ​mentors ​in ​their ​mentor ​data ​entry ​process.
  • Works ​with ​head ​mentors ​and ​schools ​to ​create ​and ​adjust ​program ​schedules ​as ​needed.
  • Ensures ​that ​head ​mentors ​have ​needed ​program ​materials.

● Updates ​iPads ​and ​other ​technical ​materials ​as ​needed.
● Edits ​student ​films ​as ​needed ​and ​uploads ​onto ​drive/website/DVD ​for ​screenings ​(dependent on ​entertainment ​partner ​hosting screenings).

● Recruits, ​trains, ​and ​manages ​Movie ​Maker ​and ​P.O.V. ​Program ​Interns
● Ensures ​that ​adult ​volunteers ​complete ​online ​background ​checks.
● Recruits ​adult ​volunteer ​mentors ​and ​actors ​as ​needed.

Qualifications ​Required

● Passionate ​about ​Young ​Storytellers’ ​mission ​and ​impact ​with ​a ​particular ​interest ​in ​working with ​young ​people ​ages ​11-18.
● Bachelor’s ​Degree
● Prior ​experience ​working ​in ​the ​education/with ​public ​schools.
● Coordination/administration ​experience.
● Organized ​and ​detail ​oriented.
● Ability ​to ​troubleshoot ​both ​creatively ​and ​systematically.
● Understands ​data ​file ​formats, ​aspect ​ratios, ​and ​video ​resolutions.
● Knowledge ​of ​iMovie, ​Premiere ​Pro, ​and ​AVID.
● Familiarity ​with ​iPads ​and ​DSLR ​Cameras.
● Strong ​collaborative ​and ​communication ​skills.
● Proven ​ability ​to ​work ​with ​efficiency, ​flexibility, ​and ​good ​humor.
● Spark, ​imagination, ​creativity
● Diverse ​and ​bilingual ​(Spanish) ​candidates ​highly ​encouraged ​to ​apply.

How ​to ​Apply

Please ​email ​the ​following ​in ​the ​body ​of ​an ​email ​to ​[email protected] ​with ​subject ​line: Interim ​Movie ​Makers ​and ​P.O.V. ​Program ​Coordinator ​/ ​LAST ​NAME.
● Resume
● A ​brief ​paragraph ​stating ​why ​you ​are ​interested ​in ​working ​for ​Young ​Storytellers.
● Create ​a ​2-3 ​minute ​1080p ​video ​of ​you ​answering ​the ​following ​questions. ​Feel ​free ​to ​get
creative ​and ​show ​us ​your ​personality ​with ​your ​words ​and ​style, ​extra ​points ​for ​those ​who
show ​their ​editing ​skills. ​Please ​upload ​onto ​youtube ​or ​vimeo ​and ​include ​link ​in ​application.
○ What ​interests ​you ​most ​about ​being ​a ​part ​of ​a ​media ​program ​that ​develops ​soft
skills ​in ​middle ​and ​high ​school ​students?
○ How ​you ​are ​uniquely ​qualified ​for ​this ​position?
○ How ​would ​your ​career ​aspirations/development ​be ​furthered ​by ​joining ​our ​team ​as
our ​Program ​Coordinator?

No ​phone ​calls ​please.

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