Internship Opportunity: 2019 Summer Marketing Intern


Los Angeles, CA

Social media was supposed to be, well, social. Yet people are more isolated, vitriolic, and less engaged.
PeepX wants to end that. We want to reinvent social media to deliver on its original promise. Our platform is designed to let you engage with people in the real world and in real time. You can use it at events, concerts, parties, get-togethers and not just let you rehash the same conversations with people you already know, but to interact with people you don’t know, but with whom you may share interests and skills. 
By delivering you relevant contacts and content to you — right here and right now — PeepX lets you get the most of each moment.
We are seeking an individual who has a desire to gain experience in the start up industry and is committed to learning and achieving exemplary in a teamwork oriented environment. This intern will work within the growing marketing department. They will gain exposure to Content Marketing, SEO, Lead generation, AFS Analytics, Social Media Automation, Copywriting, and much more. Work can be done remotely during the internship. Main work days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. 
Develop and evolve the digital strategy to deepen consumer engagement and profitability using defined digital channels, including SEO, social media, display ads, direct mail, etc
Assists with the development and communication of company and product information to various media.
Work within our content management system (CMS) to release new products
Leverage consumer experience, data and metrics to support decision making and product/channel strategy.
Must be able to work independently, yet able to function as part of a team.
Data-driven analytical skills, detail oriented, ability to distill insights from data/multiple sources.
Has a strong desire to learn new skills and take on a variety of responsibilities
Exceptional writing and communication skills
You’re an entrepreneur at heart, with a strong desire to be part of something big
Please resume to [email protected]

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